MINNEAPOLIS - Honeywell has announced a supply agreement with EnergyHub, a leading home energy solutions provider. Honeywell said it will integrate EnergyHub’s technology into its energy management product portfolio, providing consumers with a robust set of tools to simplify their management of energy and control costs in the home.

“The smart grid represents a new era in which customers will pay the actual cost of the energy they consume. This presents a challenge for consumers to better manage their consumption and control their energy costs,” said Joseph Puishys, president, Environmental and Combustion Controls, Honeywell. “The Honeywell Home Energy Manager will complement our existing product line and improve consumers’ visibility and control over the cost and comfort of the utilities within the home.”

Honeywell said its Home Energy Manager provides real-time meter reads, energy usage, cost and trending data as well as load measurement, load control, remote access, and real time connection to utility control systems. The company said this product, combined with its existing smart grid products, will provide consumers the ability to monitor and manage their utility usage in real time, enabling total control over comfort and cost savings.

“Honeywell is a proven leader in residential smart grid products and services for utilities, and we’re pleased to be working together so closely,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, CEO of EnergyHub.

For more information on EnergyHub, visit www.energyhub.com. For more information on Honeywell, visit www.honeywell.com.

Publication date:11/08/2010