The Parasol Evo2 is a compact commercial and industrial chilled beam comfort module. Designed for the control of air quality and temperature in rooms, the chilled beam offers low energy, running, and maintenance costs coupled with the benefits of chilled beam technology. Its compact design makes it compatible with competing fan coil unit sizes, says the company. The unit is available in three basic variants: for ventilation only, for ventilation with a water-based cooling coil, and for ventilation with a water-based cooling and heating coil. According to the manufacturer, it is particularly suitable where high comfort levels are required with minimal noise or air movement. The comfort modules are energy efficient and need only minimal mechanical refrigeration. The module allows a primary airflow of up to 55 liters per second and provides a cooling capacity of around 2,000 W and a heating capacity (water) of up to 2,700 W.

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