ARMONK, N.Y. - IBM announced that it plans to work with Tridium Inc. to develop new technology and solutions to enable companies to optimize the efficiency of their new and existing buildings and make sure they are operating at maximum performance and profitability. Tridium, part of Honeywell’s Automation and Control Solutions group, is a provider of software and embedded hardware that allows for integration and control of the various devices, systems, and networks found in commercial buildings and retail structures.

According to Tridium, its Niagara and Sedona software are designed to enable the integration and control of virtually every system and device in any facility from HVAC equipment, lighting, and generators to gas pumps, ovens, and medical devices. The companies said they plan to integrate IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management and IBM Maximo Asset Management enterprise software with Niagara and Sedona to create secure, Internet-enabled networks that will allow for new levels of energy management, integrate thousands of disparate systems and devices, and analyze large streams of real-time data.

With the advanced systems planned by IBM and Tridium, for example, instead of a convenience store’s failed refrigeration unit going unnoticed, the system will automatically generate a work order and dispatch a technician to the scene before the store manager is even aware the ice cream is melting.

Tridium said its technology supports hundreds of key protocols and networks used by the providers of building automation systems - including open-standards-based software, cellular networks, and Internet Protocols.

“Our work to create smarter buildings will be enhanced by Tridium technology that allow many of the systems that constitute a building - heat, water, sewage and electricity - to be controlled and automated,” said David Bartlett, vice president, Industry Solutions, IBM Software. “Together we'll be able to give clients greater intelligence and control of their buildings and of the physical world.”

“Our technologies embrace many communications methods in order to support the integration of these disparate systems and devices, facilitating better control and awareness,” said Steve Fey, Tridium’s president. “Our focus has always been on the integration and interoperability of all of these systems, whether wired or wireless. Now, with IBM we can deliver an end-to-end IP-based infrastructure for any type of building and deliver real-time information, asset intelligence, and analysis from virtually every device and sensor in the network for decision support around the globe.”

According to the companies, new emerging technologies will make IP (Internet Protocol) a common standard for connecting smart sensors and devices to the enterprise. IBM plans to adopt and promote Tridium’s open-source Sedona application environment. Sedona is said to enable secure IP-based device networks and advanced data analytics, providing new automation capabilities and increased levels of control.

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Publication date:08/16/2010