The Ultima ID Pro HVACR refrigerant analyzer, Model RI-700H, quickly and accurately identifies the type of refrigerant and helps avoid costly refrigerant mixing during consolidation and reclamation. It easily identifies more than a dozen refrigerants with a component breakdown of the blend ratios for the most common HVAC refrigerants. This allows the consolidator to know the quality of the refrigerant before it goes to the reclaimer and eliminates unnecessary disposal costs for the contractor. The Ultima ID Pro also provides the reclaimer with a quick means of sorting a wide variety of refrigerants by both type and quality. It delivers results in less than three minutes at an accuracy of ±2 percent or better. Features include an extra large, easy-to-read LCD display, soft keys, and a built-in printer. The unit can operate from a 110/220-vac power source or optional built-in rechargeable power pack.

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