The Load Status Indicator LSI-55 provides a way to determine if a load is active by the current it draws. This can be used in applications where the unit with the load that’s being switched on and off is far from the control point and is not easy to ascertain if the load is actually active or not. It has three terminals - two that are 0.25 quick-fit male tabs for supply and load and one that is a 0.11 quick-fit male tab for connecting to the common (negative for dc supply or neutral for ac supply). With a supply voltage of 10-300 vac or vdc and the circuit breaker engaged (not tripped) the indicator will illuminate green, indicating that power is available to operate the load. With the indicator illuminating green, power is available to operate the load and the switch can be placed in the on position to turn the unit (e.g., motor or heater) on. If everything is OK with the unit’s load and the wiring to it, the indicator will illuminate red, indicating the load is active and that the lamp is drawing current (greater than 1 A). If the LSI-55 remains in the green state, then it could mean that the wire to the equipment is defective or the equipment is “burned out.”

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