DALLAS - Mestex, a division of Mestek, expanded coverage in the western United States by signing four new manufacturers’ representatives for its Applied Air, Alton, and Aztec products.

Texas Air Systems signed on to represent Applied Air/Alton/Aztec in the four major markets in Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Sigler/AZME became the representative in Arizona, parts of New Mexico, and Northern California, while DryMaxx Air Solutions is now the Southern California representative. Washington Air Reps agreed to represent the products in the state of Washington.

Mestex manufactures and markets products under a number of brand names. The Applied Air products include DOAS units, direct gas-fired units, indirect gas-fired units, and air turnover units. The Alton products include direct evaporative cooling units and heat-cool units using direct evaporative cooling and indirect gas-fired heating. The Aztec products include indirect evaporative cooling units, indirect/direct evaporative cooling units, and heat-cool units using the same cooling technologies. Virtually all of these products come standard with DDC controls.

Publication date:10/11/2010