ComStar International Inc. has begun U.S. production operations of its four HFC replacement refrigerants for HCFC-22, and the CFCs -502 and -12. According to a statement from the company, the action was “due to increasing U.S. demand for the refrigerants.”

The company said it will produce the refrigerants in Houston. Up until now they were manufactured in the UK, Canada, and China. The HFC products by their ASHRAE designations and brand names are R-424A (RS-44), R-426A (RS-24), R-428A (RS-52), and R-434A (RS-45).

The company described the refrigerants as “non-ozone depleting and operate with all refrigeration oils including mineral oil. Existing equipment would require no oil change nor would equipment alterations be necessary. These refrigerants operate at high, medium, and low evaporator temperatures and lower pressures.”

According to the manufacturer, R-426A, R-428A, and R-434A have glides less than 1°F and R-424A has a glide of 2°. These refrigerants have ASHRAE certification as being A-1, as well as EPA SNAP approval.

“The refrigerants incorporate a unique compressor oil return technology. Unlike most refrigerants, the RS chemistry allows refrigeration oil to easily return to the compressor.  This added insurance is protection for the compressor,” the company said. 

R-426A is marketed by the company as a replacement for R-12; R-424A as a replacement for R-22 for comfort cooling, both with a capillary or expansion device; R-434A in the conversion of R-22 flooded chillers or large temperature systems; and R-428A as a replacement for R-502 and in low pressure R-22 systems designed to withstand R-502 pressures and condenser capacity. The refrigerants are available through HVACR wholesalers nationwide.

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Publication date:10/11/2010