CARROLLTON, Texas - Daikin AC launched D-Link, a marketing tool which allows its coalition of preferred dealers, known as DNA dealers, to customize and conduct print advertising campaigns.

Daikin’s DNA dealers can easily access the D-Link website for relevant, customizable advertising templates, and other marketing services to help them promote and sell products. D-Link gives dealers an opportunity to add their company logos and contact information, build or purchase mailing lists targeting their markets, as well as buy fulfillment and mailing services. DNA dealers can “shop” the site to select from several different advertising campaigns. Each of the campaigns promotes different Daikin advantages such as efficiency, environmental consciousness, or IAQ.

“Just a few clicks allow our dealers to implement powerful tools to build Daikin’s brand and help sell our products,” explained Lauren Linton, Daikin AC’s DNA program manager.

“We are able to control Daikin’s brand messaging and give DNA dealers the opportunity to promote their businesses as well.”

Publication date: 10/18/2010