HOUSTON - The Thermal & Mechanical Equipment Co. (TMEC) expanded its representative and distributor relationship with API Heat Transfer of Buffalo, N.Y.

TMEC expanded its exclusive territory for the API – Basco product line of shell and tube heat exchangers, and added API’s Schmidt-Bretten line of plate and frame exchangers to its portfolio of heat transfer and filtration products.

TMEC now represents both the Basco and Schmidt-Bretten product lines in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and New Mexico. TMEC and API Heat Transfer have a long-standing relationship; TMEC has represented Basco products in Texas since 1997.

Russ Braden, TMEC president, characterized these changes as “a great way to expand on our successful relationship with API Heat Transfer, and an opportunity to offer both the Basco and Schmidt-Bretten families of high quality products to our customers in these important geographical areas.”

According to Bob Platt, president of API Heat Transfer, “We are looking forward to consolidating representation of our shell-and-tube and plate-and-frame products with TMEC, which has been one of our premier sales distributors over the past 13 years. We are confident in TMEC’s ability to grow both the Basco and Schmidt-Bretten product lines in all of these territories.”

Publication date:11/08/2010