The e-SV™ line of stainless steel, vertical multistage pumps features an innovative hydraulic design and highly efficient motor that significantly lowers lifecycle costs and increases energy savings. The pumps are suited for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. The new hydraulic design also provides required net positive suction head (NPSHR) levels, and by eliminating the need to remove the motor, maintenance time is significantly reduced. The mechanical seal is also replaceable without the need for pump disassembly, and the O ring seat is designed to allow easy disassembly of the outer sleeve. All-stainless steel construction and NSF International certification allow the e-SV pump to meet municipalities’ requirements for pure water while providing superior corrosion resistance and easy installation, says the company. Impeller axial thrust is minimized, resulting in longer bearing life and use of standard motor configurations. The patented i-ALERT™ monitor continually measures vibration to support optimum performance; it is available on pumps that are 10 hp and above.

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