The 12 models of the 2010 Elite Series tube bending machines have tube capacities ranging from 1¼ - 10 inches. They are designed for tube bending in automotive, aviation, HVAC, boiler, shipyard, and general fabrication applications. The benders are lowered to a load height of 36 inches from the floor to the center of the tube (based on a 5-inch bender); taller machines are available as an option if greater floor clearance is desired. The machines feature a new direct-acting swing arm design that reduces clamping deflection, puts clamp force on the center of the tube, and eliminates wear parts, pins, links, plates, and doesn’t require a jack screw to adjust tool pressure. The series also features a single cabinet for access to machine controls and circuitry; a new, larger horsepower main drive motor that increases open-close and bending speeds; and an increased retractable wiper speed due to a smaller, optimized cylinder.

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