MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - Dennis Larson, chair of Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC), announced that the program has collected and safely destroyed over 2 million kilograms of environmentally damaging refrigerant waste. RMC noted this achievement highlights the success of the program, which has received international attention and accolades.

Initially established in 2000 to destroy the surplus CFC inventory, RMC opened the program to HCFCs in January 2004, demonstrating its commitment to ensuring that all surplus halocarbon refrigerants will eventually be disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. In February 2008, to further this commitment, RMC submitted a proposal to Environment Canada regarding the need to develop a stewardship program for HFC refrigerants. In May 2009, Environment Canada issued a Notice of Intent to initiate such a stewardship program.

Publication date:08/02/2010