The EternaPocket is a patent-pending peel and stick pitch pocket which features a tab-locking system that makes custom sizing easy and allows HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors to finish their own roof penetration installations. The EternaPocket incorporates DoubleStick™ MicroSealant™ tape for an instant, waterproof and secure bond to all roof surfaces and types. According to the manufacturer, the pocket is ideal for the mechanical and electrical trades because its wrapable design allows it to be installed after the pipes/electrical/ductwork penetrating the roof have been installed, reducing scheduling conflicts between them and the roofing specialists. DoubleStick tape (included) allows the EternaPocket to be installed on virtually all roof types without compatibility issues and on all nonnailable deck surfaces. It is made of hinge-broke 24-gauge precut galvanized steel. The EternaBond Pitch Pocket Sealant (sold separately) is used to fill the pitch pocket and comes in a convenient 28-ounce caulk tube, eliminating the need for custom application equipment. It is a 100 percent solids moisture-cure sealant that requires no mixing and results in zero shrinkage. Each pocket includes 6 feet of DoubleStick tape.

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