A family of ASCO Numatics modular gas safety shut-off valves with a compact double valve footprint is available. The valves can be used for boilers, furnaces, ovens, heating equipment, gas generators, and kilns used in commercial and industrial applications. The shut-off valves are available in two product families. The 8214(200) Series two-way normally closed solenoid valves can be used for fuel gases up to 5 psi. The V710(B)/AH(E) Series two-way normally closed electrohydraulic actuated valves can be used with fuel gases up to 15 psi. This series is available with fast- and slow-opening constructions. Both product families come in 3/4- to 3-inch pipe sizes and have aluminum body constructions with pressure taps up and downstream. The company claims that the valve’s very low pressure drop and extremely high flow capacity provide greater performance even in locations with low gas supply pressure.

Emerson Industrial Automation, Florham Park, NJ; 800-972-2726; info-valve@asco.com; www.ascovalve.com

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