The Vision and Firefly are refrigeration manifold (pressure) gauge sets with sight glasses for diagnostics in air conditioning, refrigeration, and appliance equipment. The patent-pending Vision manifold makes refrigerant/oil inspection quick and easy with a deep-well, see-through sight glass feature that uses ambient light for illumination. The patent-pending FireFly combines a built-in 2x magnifying sight glass with both white or blue LED backlighting to illuminate refrigerant, contaminants, and whether the system has UV dye. The backlight is operated by an ergonomically placed on-off switch that illuminates the sight glass for more accurate refrigerant system diagnostics. The backlight increases refrigerant visibility by 75 percent when combined with the magnification feature. Pressing the on-off switch a second time activates the blue light and illuminates any refrigerant UV dye traces. Pressing a third time returns the module to the off mode. The gauges can be used with all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants. They are compatible with all standard refrigerant hoses.

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