On a warm day, a tall glass of ice water alongside a submarine sandwich or a salad can really hit the spot. Restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores have to keep the ice and ingredients for that noontime meal cold, so they rely on refrigeration units and the components therein to keep everything the temperature it should be during storage. Quick, efficient service of the refrigeration units is important as well, in order to hold the temperature of the food and beverages in the right range and to continue to supply the business with the ice it needs.

The seventh annual Dealer Design Award winners in the Refrigeration & Ice Machines category exhibit these qualities. The recipients of this year’s awards are Hoshizaki America Inc.’s Professional Series reach-in refrigerators - gold; Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ E Solutions ½ to 6 HP Air-Cooled Condensing Unit - silver; and ebm-papst Inc.’s diagonal flow fan module with handheld programmer - bronze.

GOLD WINNER: The Professional Series reach-in refrigerators (RH½-SSE) include electronically controlled fan motors and a thermostatic expansion valve.


The Professional Series reach-in refrigerators (RH½-SSE) are one- and two-section commercial refrigerators with stainless steel doors available in full and half height as well as glass doors. They have a stainless steel interior and exterior (with galvanized back and bottom). The variable-speed compressor has adaptive control technology. According to the manufacturer, the primary objective of the variable-speed refrigeration system is for the compressor to run at the slowest motor rpm level possible to meet the cooling requirements of the refrigerator.

Features include electronically controlled fan motors, energy-efficient thermostatic expansion valve, self-contained refrigeration system with ECM fans, rapid pulldown and recovery times, and EverCheck digital control system with audio and visual alarms. The entire cabinet and doors are insulated with 2-3/8-inch foamed-in-place polyurethane. The refrigerators offer a ducted air distribution system, said the company, and self-closing all-stainless steel doors with locks, “stepped” door design to protect the recessed door gasket, and field-reversible doors (with optional kit).

Installation is accomplished by removing the unit from a wooden pallet and attaching the stem legs or casters to the bottom of the unit. The electrical connection is made by plugging the unit into an outlet.

Periodic maintenance is very easy and only requires cleaning the air filter at regular intervals. If a service issue occurs, the EverCheck controller will help pinpoint the cause of failure with error codes for defrost, clean filter, door open, high voltage, high cabinet temperature, low voltage, low cabinet temperature, cabinet temperature sensor failure, one-hour defrost, defrost temperature sensor failure, high-pressure alarm, and communication failure (dual-temp only).

“I feel that Hoshizaki builds a solid product and I think this will be a great entry into this market,” said one of the judges.

Another said, “This product utilizes top-end variable-speed technologies while still maintaining very simple installation and service procedures.”

SILVER WINNER: Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ E Solutions™ product line features include HyperCore™ microchannel coil technology.


The ½-6 HP condensing unit is included in the Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ E Solutions™ product line. Features include HyperCore™ microchannel coil technology, optional variable-speed EC (VSEC) motors with Orbus™ controller, and optional factory-installed Smart Defrost Kit™ (SDK).

The product is designed and sold for use in any place there is a small walk-in cooler or freezer; specifically for use in conjunction with refrigeration systems in quick- and full-serve restaurants, convenience stores and small grocery stores, hotels, and schools, as well as other institutional applications.

The company said, since there are no manually brazed joints in HyperCore microchannel coils, and the units are designed with a rigid structure, the likelihood of leaks is dramatically reduced, thereby reducing the need for service runs. If repair is necessary, a process using an epoxy-based sealant, a cleaning solution, a vacuum pump, a few tools, and a heat gun are all that are required in a simple, two-part process, according to the manufacturer.

The rigidity of the structure decreases the likelihood of leaks. Any possible damage to the coils can be handled by the contractor in a simple, two-step process, involving very few tools.

One judge said, “I am truly happy to see more advancement in the area of microchannel coils.”

BRONZE Winner: ebm-papst Inc.’s diagonal flow fan module with handheld programmer offers an integrated assembly and speed programmability for the end user.


This programmable diagonal flow fan module has all needed components integrated into one package. The diagonal flow fan module was designed for use in refrigeration applications such as refrigeration plant condensers/evaporators, food display cases, beverage coolers, and freezer cabinets.

The entire drive and control electronics are contained in the motor enclosure, where they are sealed and protected from moisture and cleaning solvents. Two default fan speeds are supplied as standard and can be quickly reprogrammed in the factory or by the end user in the field using a battery-operated handheld programmer specifically designed for this purpose. This product offers an integrated assembly and speed programmability for the end user.

The fan module includes the drive motor and control electronics, the impeller and inlet ring and the support housing. A flange integrated into the housing allows quick mounting to any flat surface via multiple through-holes. A removable power cable plugs into the motor with a waterproof connector and is available in four standard lengths. Reprogramming of the two factory-programmed fan speeds can be done using a single cable connected between the handheld programmer and the fan through a keyed port near the fan power plug. The complete fan module is maintenance-free.


Gold Winner:
Hoshizaki America Inc.
Professional Series

Silver Winner:
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
½ to 6 HP Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

Bronze Winner:
ebm-papst Inc.
Diagonal flow fan module with handheld programmer

Publication date:07/12/2010