Manufacturers have had training opportunities for R-410A equipment available for years. In addition to R-410A training, Daikin AC offers a variety of HVAC technology and product training. (Photo courtesy of Daikin AC.)

Many manufacturers have had R-410A equipment available for years, and they’ve also offered training opportunities so that their dealers and distributors would know how to safely handle the new refrigerant. In just a few short months, equipment containing R-22 will no longer be produced, and manufacturers want industry personnel to know that they are still providing training opportunities on R-410A.

Allied Air:All of the company’s R-410A training has been done in conjunction with distributors and distributor service representatives. Technical training personnel travel to these courses (194 of them in 2008) and put them on locally. Most distributors have training sessions posted at their counters and in their newsletters.

Bryant and Carrier:David Glenn, manager of channel training, noted that the companies’ distributors have scheduled dealer training for the new refrigerant and the phaseout of R-22 for years. “One course they use is our Carrier University and Bryant Academy class titled HIPS: Puron Refrigerant. In it, dealers explore the reasons for the phaseout, the actions we’ve taken to build products designed for the unique characteristics of the new refrigerant, and the benefits enjoyed by the homeowner as a result of purchasing equipment using Puron refrigerant.”

In addition, Bryant and Carrier have hosted many Web meeting conference calls for dealers and distributors to discuss the change and to provide updates as the companies move closer to the end of production for units using R-22. For Carrier University questions, contact Expert Central at 800-946-2930. For Bryant Academy questions, please contact the Solution Center at 888-999-BRYANT.

Daikin AC:The two-hour online seminar titled Working With R-410A Refrigerant is intended to introduce the participants to the uniqueness of working with R-410A. The seminar explores the evolution of refrigerants and the reasons for the global migration toward use of R-410A. The participants also cover the safe handling procedures and safety requirements that should be observed while working with the R-410A, as well as essential information associated with installation of R-410A systems.

The course is recommended for anyone who works with R-410A, and prior refrigerant containment and handling training is recommended. The seminar will explain all safety concerns and procedures associated with handling and working with R-410A; discuss all the characteristics of and define the concerns of working with polyvinyl ether (PVE) refrigerant oil; and identify and discuss all special considerations associated with installation of an R-410A system.

Working With R-410A Refrigerant is scheduled for Sept. 9 and tentatively Oct. 7, Nov. 11, and Dec. 9. To register for Daikin AC online classes, visit Enter either the residential or commercial site and select the training tab located on the left. Use the pull-down menu to select your course.

Emerson Climate Technologies:In an effort to keep HVAC industry dealers and contractors up to date with the very latest information on the phaseout of R-22, Emerson Climate Technologies’ Educational Services Division has updated the curricula of several of its most popular instructor-led training seminars. New material has been added to address such topics as replacement and retrofit refrigerants; environmental concerns such as total equivalent warming impact (TEWI), global warming potential (GWP) and carbon emissions; trends in existing and pending legislation; and specific service techniques and practices meant to reduce the environmental impact potentially caused by HVAC systems. Specific programs to which this new information/material has been added include the following:

• One-half day on air conditioning scroll;

• Full-day on scroll compressor technology;

• Compressor Operation and Service Seminar (COSS);

• Advanced Compressor Seminar (New).

(For more information on where and when these and other courses will be delivered or for the recently released 2009-10 schedule, please visit education or call 800-748-2779.)

Emerson Climate Technologies also offers additional training and education opportunities with regard to R-410A and the refrigerant transition, including:

• Emerson Climate Technologies’ refrigerant Website (, which features the latest refrigerant information for both air conditioning and refrigeration applications. It includes links to the latest press releases, news stories, survey results, white papers, brochures, contractor checklists, and industry update literature regarding the refrigerant transition;

• Tradeshow, dealer meeting, and wholesaler open house exhibits that feature R-410A-ready products and an explanation of those products;

• Refrigerant transition presentations at major tradeshows which are also archived on the Emerson Climate Technologies contractor portal for future viewing;

• HVAC Instructor Kits with R-410A transition information, as well as compressor design and service information. These kits are available to vocational tech and other industry instructors via the Emerson Climate Technologies literature portal; and

• Contractor sales team training events.

Carrier University offers a class titled HIPS: Puron Refrigerant, which explores the reasons for the phase-out of R-22, and the benefits that result from purchasing equipment using Puron refrigerant. (Photo courtesy of Carrier.)

Fujitsu General Americais dedicated to training field personnel in the factory-approved methods of application and installation of its mini-split heating and cooling equipment. Thousands of individuals have been trained at F.A.S.T. (Fujitsu Authorized Service Training) classes all across the United States and Canada. Eight-hour full-day classes are NATE-certified and provided free of charge to contractors, architects, and engineers. Course materials provide thorough coverage on topics ranging from product application, the mechanics of installation, electrical wiring, and safety and refrigerant charging. Since all Fujitsu models sold today use R-410A, classes include thorough R-410A training as it relates to Fujitsu systems.

For more information, go to, and under contractors, look for the Dealer Dashboard link. Installation contractors can register for free access to a special dealer Website that will provide up-to-the minute local training schedule. Architects and engineers can access details by clicking on the training link which will provide a national list of training opportunities.

Goodman and Amanabrands are offering a variety of R-410A refrigerant training opportunities, including conducting Webinars for distributors and dealers. Regional training classes and information sessions continue to be available to dealers, as well as internal and external sales folks. Dealers who are interested in learning more about the time and location of R-410A training programs should contact their local distributor for complete information.

Johnson Controlsprovides online technical training on R-410A to York® dealers as part of its Liberties™ program. The online technical training is part of the ProficienTECH training system. ProficienTECH online training is a self-paced learning system accessible to registered York Liberties dealers 24/7, enabling them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Each session in the interactive tool is narrated with full audio and user-controlled features. Dealers are able to check their skills as they advance through a course and are required to take an online exam at the conclusion of the program.

R-410A Overview guides users through a basic overview of R-410A. With several never-before-seen interactions and animations, this overview will systematically cover the structure of R-410A, the purpose of the Montreal Protocol, federal laws regarding the handling of refrigerant, the reasons why R-410A was chosen to be the successor to R-22, required tools, safety precautions, retrofit applications and conversions, evacuation, and much more. Upon successful completion of the final exam, users will be able to print a certificate of completion recognizing their accomplishment.

The R-410A Overview online course is available exclusively through the Liberties program. Interested dealers should contact their local York distributor to sign up for the online technical training program or to learn more about the Liberties Program.

Daikin AC offers a seminar titled Working With R-410A Refrigerant, which is intended to introduce the participants to the uniqueness of working with R-410A. (Photo courtesy of Daikin AC.)

LennoxHVAC Learning Solutions offers many different training opportunities.

The following classroom training covers R-22 and R-410A, all with hands-on training:

• Service I, HVAC Maintenance (one-week class);

• Basic Air Conditioning (two-day class);

• Service IIA, Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat Pump (one-week class);

• BuildATech (four-week boot camp); and

• Build An Installer (two-week class).

E-Learning classes:

• Full library of air conditioning classes covering R-410A; and

• A DVD on R-22 and the change to R-410A.

FTC and technical support:

• All Lennox field technical consultants offer R-410A training to Lennox dealers; and

• Lennox Commercial has a Website that has R-410A certification for their dealers.

For more information on Lennox classes, please call 800-654-3283, option 2.

Mitsubishi Electric HVACconverted all of its products to R-410A in January 2006 - four years ahead of the 2010 deadline. Since that time, the company has been conducting hands-on installation/service training as well as design and application training involving R-410 at its five training centers across the United States. Those attending these classes have included contractors, engineers, architects, and building owners. In these classes, there is some comparison to R-22, as well as a comprehensive and extensive training program. Access the entire class schedule online by visiting

Nordyneoffers on-demand R-410A video training through the Nordyne Interactive Network. Dealers can access this training 24/7 through their dealer extranet log in. Nordyne also offers one-on-one distributor training as a stand-alone R-410A class and as part of the company’s Distributor Train the Trainers (DTT) program. Once trained by Nordyne, the distributor technical service advisor can offer R-410A training to their dealer customers. Distributors should contact 800-422-4328 to schedule training.

Rheem’sTotal Access Training program offers contractors 24/7 access to online courses, including an R-410A course. “We designed the R-410A Total Access Training course to keep our customers at the forefront of industry changes and regulations,” said Raymond Granderson, training manager, Rheem Heating & Cooling. “By giving our customers round-the-clock access to in-depth training, we’re allowing them to continue their education without sacrificing time during their busy operating hours.”

Total Access Training is designed to help Rheem and Ruud contractors further expand their knowledge while growing their business. The Total Access Training course provides essential information regarding R-410A and covers safety aspects, oil differences, and pressure characteristics of R-410A. Total Access Training is available online at Rheem also has an R-410A question and answer section, along with a list of Rheem R-410A products, available online at

Trane and American Standard Heating & Air Conditioningare addressing the R-410A change with dealers and distributors through some of its online and classroom training opportunities.

Publication date:08/24/2009