ORLANDO, Fla. - TRUMPF is showing what it says is the world’s smallest and lightest weight battery shear, the TruTool S 130. Developed specifically for thin-sheet work, the TruTool S 130 measures only 10 x 15 inches, and together with its 10.8 V battery, weighs only 3 pounds. Designed for thin sheets up to 0.5 inches, the cordless tool cuts long stretches quickly at a working speed of up to 23 feet per minute, says the company.

The TruTool C 160 is said to offer ideal visibility for cutting. The TruTool C 160 without chip breaker provides an open view of the workpiece, providing high quality cuts that are free of distortion, says the company. With the optional parallel stop, strips from 35 to 300 mm can be precisely cut. The tool has a working speed of 6-10 m/min and cuts thickness to 1.6 mm.

Also on display is the TruTool F 301, for straight or bent ducts from thin sheet on up. With this seam closer, Pittsburgh seams in straight or bent ducts can be made in an independent roll-glide process, says TRUMPF. The TruTool F 301 can join sheets between 0.45 and 1 mm thickness. Adjustment to thickness is automatic and the self-feed ensures continuous, tight seaming.