No doubt about it: If your phone doesn’t ring enough, you’re going out of business. And in this economy, waiting for it to ring spells disaster. Yet the “old” marketing methods are not working as well in the new economy. What to do?

An hour-long Webinar entitled “Phones Not Ringing? 7 Top Ideas for Blistering HVAC Response Now!” will take place on April 14, 1 p.m. EDT.

The NEWStapped the shoulder of HVAC marketing’s most dangerous weapon: Adams Hudson. This is worth putting on your calendar.

Though he quit all private consulting (at $8,000 per day!) two years ago to build an international Contractor Marketing Coaching Group and finish writing his 12th book, he still works hard to generate better marketing results for contractors. (His bookContractor Marketing Secrets, was the most expensive ever published for contractor marketing at $100 per copy, and sold out first 3 printings.)

More surprising, in 2009, Hudson Ink, firmly established record-setting sales for numerous HVAC clients by following some simple marketing rules.

In this once in a lifetime Webinar, event moderator Mike Murphy will find out how they did it, revealing how you can generate more leads, in less time for less money than you may be spending now. Hudson said these rules actually, “work better in a weak economy for one very good reason.”

Plus, attendees can ask questions during the Webinar. (Due to the volume expected, you’re also advised to e-mail them in advance, once registered.) This is like getting a $300 per hour consult thrown in. Think of your burning question, and get ready.

During this powerhouse learning opportunity, you’ll see:

• How one contractor generated 216 phone calls with a single postcard. (His old method only generated 39!) Simple steps anyone can copy.

• The way to NOT promote the “Tax Incentive.” A “sure failure” says Hudson, plus how his clients are raking in 6 figure sales using this tool.

• A free ad method that added $600 per call, and made his client a household name.

• The “new” lead leverage methods for today’s economy. Right up under most contractors noses … and yet almost completely disregarded.

• Why the Yellow Pages wants to silence this consultant for good! (Plus a very clever way to keep customers from ever seeing a competitor’s ad in there!)

Plus - if you know Adams Hudson and Mike Murphy - a lot more to come. (A $470 “surprise” awaits attendees.)

NOTE:You must register at prior to April 14. There is an absolute cut-off of 500 attendees. If there is a waiting list, you’ll be notified and additional lines may be allowed.

Attendees can submit questions during the Webinar. Once you register at, you’ll have an opportunity to e-mail your question.

Register today. This one event could change the results of your entire year.

Publication date:03/08/2010