This article highlights all the new productsThe NEWS’editors found at the 2010 AHR Expo in Orlando, Fla.  In alphabetical order by category, it covers a comprehensive range of products that were displayed at the show from air curtains and air handling units to vales/motors/drives and zoning.


Mars Air Systems( announced its new NSF-certified drive-up window air curtain is now available in 25-, 28-, and 30-inch lengths. The LPN series is said to be ideal for any drive-up window, small pass through window, or narrow openings where a small, unobtrusive unit is needed. It is NSF/ANSI 37 certified for health code required applications. The unit provides substantial savings on energy bills as well as environmental separation and insect control, says Mars. It is offered in obsidian black (standard production color), titanium silver, pearl white, and spartan bronze to work with any building’s décor.

Ruskin( ACC series commercial air doors protect against undesirable environments at door openings. The air doors keep dirt, dust, fumes, insects, pollen, and odors outside while maintaining a cleaner and healthier environment inside. They save energy and lower building operating costs while providing a comfortable environment for customers, visitors, and employees, says the company. ACC air doors are suitable for door widths from 36-84 inches and 8-12 feet in height and can include optional electric heat for cold weather applications. They include a five-year warranty covering the entire air door assembly. Industrial-grade air doors are also available.

Teplomash Heat Saving Systems( Series 200 air curtains are used in office and business facilities to protect doors with heights ranging from 6.56 to 8.2 feet (from 2 to 2.5 meters). The air curtains can be mounted both horizontally above the opening and vertically at the side of the opening (or at both sides). The air curtains are controlled by a control panel that allows it to maintain the air temperature near an opening at the recommended level and to regulate the air curtain’s heat capacity and power. One control panel can control up to six Model 39E or up to four Model 59E air curtains.


The AIDF-Series of indirect-fired air handling units (AHUs) byAddison( offers a variety of choices: horizontal or upright configurations, for indoor or outdoor applications, three fuel options, nine discharge choices, and a variety of accessories. The AHUs utilize a three- or four-pass heat exchanger, resulting in high efficiency. They are available in 100 percent outdoor air, fixed return air/outdoor air, and variable return air/outdoor air arrangements, and come in a range from 240,000 to 4.5 million Btuh. Typical installations for the series include enclosed public spaces with occupants, such as schools, gymnasiums, and libraries as well as manufacturing spaces. Another unit by Addison, the ADF-Series, is a direct-fired AHU. The units are available in 100 percent outdoor air, fixed return air/outdoor air, and variable return air/outdoor air arrangements. The heating systems deliver 100 percent of the heat generated into the building and require little to no ductwork. The units, which come in a range from 110,000 to 6.48 million Btuh, can be designed to help efficiently establish and maintain a slightly pressurized condition in facilities as outdoor air is tempered and, as required, mixed with existing indoor air.

Commercial Aire( introduced at the AHR Expo a new line of AHUs. Configured as horizontal, vertical, and modular types, these AHUs are available in 2 to 20 tons with many factory- or field-installed options. Chilled-water or DX cooling coils; DX coil face, row split, or interlaced; hot-water or electric heat, and double wall post and panel construction are optional. Other available options include variable-frequency drive motors and drives; stainless steel drain pans, sloped three ways; stainless steel hardware; and powder-coated, pre-painted or weatherproofed cabinets.

Flanders( Protector critical application air handler utilizes the Flanders HEPA and gas phase filtration to combat inbound threats from industrial accidents, hostile particulate, and gas intrusion. In the event of power outage, the Protector is equipped with standby emergency power generation. All products are designed around the specific critical needs of the individual customer. Special options include filtration, specific coils, fans, dampers, louvers, and variable-frequency drives.


Advanced Telemetry( introduced its EcoView Commercial energy and resource efficiency solution, which is designed for small- to mid-size facilities such as restaurants, convenience stores, retail shops, and bank offices. It allows end users to remotely monitor and control their HVAC systems, as well as access online tools that provide real-time and historical consumption data. An onsite interactive touch panel allows end users to adjust temperatures by zone. The system is said to be easy to use, can reduce utility bills up to 25 percent, and can deliver a return on investment in six to 12 months.

Alerton( highlighted its BACnet®-based VisualLogic® Display (VLD) 362, a communicating, intelligent, sensor-controller with built-in temperature and humidity sensors that target common controls applications such as rooftop units, fan coil units, and heat pumps. It provides a cost-effective solution for in-room hotel requirements, and a versatile wireless addition that provides door and occupancy sensor function. Also introduced was the BCM-WEB BACtalk control module (BCM) Web server that automatically reads building automation system BACnet data from Alerton’s BACtalk system and translates the data to Web pages.

American Auto-Matrix( showcased its AspectFT energy control family, a software platform based upon open standards used within multiple industries. Designed to perform control sequences and building management routines from an array of device platforms, it can communicate utilizing drivers such as BACnet, MODbus, and PUP. The company stated that AspectFT is user friendly, sophisticated, and flexible for any application, large or small. With this control family, end users can access their buildings from anywhere in the world, and get live energy updates on a phone or mobile device.

Can2Go™( featured its wireless controllers, which can control Zigbee, EnOcean, and wired end devices at the same time. The controllers can be individually programmed for more precise local control due to in-node scripting and real-time response. The controller can be used in new installations as well as retrofits, and it cuts installation and integration costs, according to the company. Other features include touch screen interface, actuator, optional integrated flow sense, and Ethernet port for IP connection to backbone.

Carel( showcased its PlantWatchPRO, a PC-free solution for compact systems that features a large graphic color display with intuitive touch screen function, internal modem, three relays for signaling alarms, and LAN connection. It manages up to 100 controllers and can be connected with MODbus or Carel communication protocols. PlantWatchPRO can send SMS, fax, and e-mail messages and can also be connected to Carel Remote solutions. Other functions include scheduling, user configuration, management of defrosts, and alarm and event management.

Distech Controls( will offer a total of 23 BACnet® starting in Spring 2010. Products will range from application-specific controllers and advanced building controllers, to the new Allure EC-Smart-Vue configurable communicating sensors. The EC-Smart-Vue provides precise environmental zone control for temperature and humidity with VAV controllers, fan coil units, rooftop units, heat pumps, and unit ventilators. This sensor line consists of two models that display system status and a variety of control functions that can be accessed by room occupants.

ecobee( unveiled its energy management system, designed for applications less than 50,000 square feet, in which a simple thermostat does not provide adequate control and functionality, yet a full-scale building automation system is too complex and cost prohibitive. The ecobee EMS is designed to be easy to use, reduce operating costs, and deliver increased energy conservation. A dedicated Web portal allows users to remotely monitor, identify, analyze, and troubleshoot performance issues with their HVAC systems. It features a full-color touch screen and offers multiple climate programming for occupied and unoccupied schedules.

FieldServer( highlighted its SlotServer communications module (used in the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC), which gives process control facilities the ability to link building automation, fire alarm panel, and process control networks. The SlotServer is a flexible communications module that can be configured to communicate to a wide range of protocols found in the company’s library of protocols. The module is recognized as an input/output module by ControlLogix and has access to processor memory for data transfer between processor and module. SlotServers are also available for most common fire alarm control panel protocols.

Honeywell( added BACnet protocol models to its Spyder family of controllers. The new models offer powerful functionality and are sized for VAV and unitary applications. The company also added enterprise control and integration of security with HVAC control capabilities to WEBs-AX™ security. WEBs-AX Security Enterprise provides seamless integration of access control at the enterprise level. The company also introduced the Reveal touch screen display, which measures 6 by 3.5 inches and interfaces seamlessly with the entire WEBs-AX™ product family.

Iconics( revealed FacilityWorX™, which enables facility managers to intelligently reduce costs, increase security, improve alarm response time, and improve energy efficiency. It provides an open standards software integration platform for existing building automation systems to achieve a complete operational view of an entire building or campus. Lighting, elevator, boiler, chiller, fire, generator, access control, and HVAC control systems can be integrated into one operational console. It communicates via BACnet, Modbus, JCI N1, SNMP, LonWorks, and OPC with all major control systems.

Invensys( highlighted its Wonderware Industry Application for facilities management. It helps reduce costs by standardizing control, alarm, and event monitoring functions for multiple sites into centralized control rooms. It provides a common SCADA system with the capability to collect and process building automation information from large distributed facility environments and to maintain this information under central supervision. Wonderware is also able to manage heterogeneous building automation system environments by supporting open industry communications standards such as BACnet, i.LON®, Modbus, and OPC.

Johnson Controls( announced the launch of Metasys 5.0, the latest version of the company’s building management system that ensures all building systems - comfort controls, lighting, fire safety, security and equipment - operate together in harmony. Its Ready Access Portal (RAP) capabilities provide summary access and command capability using iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. Expanded graphics functions, combined with tenant user setup capabilities, deliver targeted views of data to PC users via the Web. Metasys 5.0 incorporates the latest wireless technologies into more devices, which increases control flexibility, streamlines retrofits, and results in faster download times.

Kele( introduced Trion powered by Niagara framework, which allows control of access and CCTV systems through a BAS or via the Web. It provides real-time data with multiple views based on the access rights of the individual user. The system allows the integration of any type of system, including lighting, HVAC, and water heating, and the scalable architecture fits any size facility. Easy-to-use features make it easy to view scheduling, alarms, and activities. Setup is achieved through a series of wizards, which have basic protection up and running quickly. Trion allows custom graphics to meet specific needs.

KMC Controls( unveiled FlexStat Series BACnet programmable thermostats. This series of intelligent temperature/humidity/motion-sensing, wall-mounted thermostat/controllers simplify networked zone control for common HVAC equipment, such as rooftop units, air handlers, and heat pumps. An on-board library of programs permits rapid configuration of a wide range of HVAC controls applications via the FlexStat’s easy-to-use display and buttons. The standard library can be customized to meet unique site needs and application-specific requirements of a particular project.

Optimum Energy( featured OptimumHVAC, a software application that allows building engineers to analyze HVAC system performance and remotely troubleshoot, in real time, over the Internet. This intelligent software is based on patented Hartman Technologies residing in a microprocessor-based control appliance that hooks up via Ethernet to a BAS. The appliance can talk to any BAS and can be installed by any licensed mechanical or controls contractor. By tracking building performance remotely, the application measures and verifies equipment operations and savings on both a real-time and historical basis.

Proliphix( introduced Commercial Series network thermostats, which gives companies comprehensive energy control at a low cost of ownership. The thermostats take full advantage of wired and wireless Ethernet technologies, allowing businesses to take advantage of their existing network infrastructure. The Commercial Series product line is compatible with typical HVAC systems and offers all the features expected by commercial installers and system integrators. The thermostats feature wired Internet or Wi-Fi accessibility, SSL data encryption, flexible power options, five-year scheduling, and e-mail alarm notification if the equipment registers unexpected power usage.

Reliable Controls( said its RC-Studio 2.0 is listed as a BACnet Workstation, which means the software can communicate with any BTL-certified BACnet device. A recent update to RC-Studio 2.0 features the BACnet Network Status worksheet, which includes devices from all manufacturers, allows the ability to sort by any column, provides the ability to export to Microsoft Excel, and allows the ability to access device properties. The update also includes improved graphic scaling, several enhancements to the Systems List worksheet, and the BACnet Discovery Indicator.

Siemens( highlighted new components for its Apogee automation system, including the PXC Modular and PXC Compact controllers. The modular provides high-performance, flexible, direct digital control of a typical building’s end devices (sensors, actuators, equipment controllers, etc.) and a wide range of other systems (chiller, boiler, fire/life safety, security, lighting, etc.). Compact controllers are direct digital control devices designed for air-handling units or smaller, remote facilities with small mechanical systems. Also featured was the Talon building automation system, which includes a series of software drivers designed to make integration as simple as possible.

Tridium( demonstrated NiagaraAX 3.5, the latest version of the open integration platform that empowers manufacturers to develop intelligent equipment systems and smart devices. The company also previewed its latest Smart Home Technology and Energy Management applications. Also displayed was the JACE®-700, the company’s newest embedded controller; a new 7-inch WiFi touch screen display; and several new devices that have been developed using the Sedona Framework™, the company’s open-source development platform that distributes decisionmaking control and manageability to any device and brings intelligence and connectivity to the network edge and back.


Calmac( IceBank® ice storage system uses a chiller to produce ice which is stored in modular tanks. The ice storage charges at night. During the day, what the company calls an “ice storage battery” discharges, cooling the building while reducing peak demand.

Commercial Aire( has a line of packaged chillers as well as air-to-water and water-to-water heat pump chillers. Chillers are as small as 2 tons and go up to 200 tons.

TheDaikin McQuay®( Magnitude™ frictionless centrifugal chiller, known for its oil-free, magnetic bearing design, is now available in models with up to 550 tons of capacity. “The larger 550-ton units are a natural evolution of magnetic bearing compressor technology,” said Ray Good, director of chiller product management for McQuay. “This oil-free technology increases reliability and reduces maintenance because there are no conventional bearings and hence no oil management system and associated maintenance costs.”

Multistack( Airstack ASP-75T flooded chiller incorporates microchannel condenser coils combined with a flooded evaporator and the Multistack FlexSys Controller. This system allows MagLev compressors to run at their optimum efficiency all the way through their operating range. Additionally, when built into multiple module arrays, the controller looks at each compressor individually to ensure it is operating in its best part-load efficiency range.

OptimumEnergy( said it had “an expanded range of engineering services to allow customers employing OptimumHVAC™ ultra performance software solutions to maximize the efficiency of their HVAC systems.”

Smardt( chillers are water- or air-cooled and use oil-free centrifugal compressors from Danfoss Turbocor. Water-cooled chillers range from 60 to 900 tons of refrigeration that is also the case of compact modular chillers offered by the company.


Diversitech( has a power sprayer for coil cleaning that is designed as a backpack sprayer that holds up to 4 gallons of coil cleaning solution. The battery powered unit sprays for 10 hours on a single charge.

Goodway’s( CTV-1501 TowerVac safely removes bacteria and other microorganisms. It vacuums away slime, algae, mud, and other contaminants without having to drain the system or shut it down. It features an adjustable flow control that allows a recovery rate of up to 50 GPM.

Energy Saving Products( has introduced the LV-E Fan Coil Series. Said to be ideal for new construction or retrofit applications, the product is a forced air fan coil, utilizing variable-speed technology. It is field programmable to maintain a constant airflow while using only the amount of energy needed.

RefPlus( has 5/8-inch OD stainless steel coils in fin and tube, copper tube/copper fin, and copper tube/aluminum fin options.

Victaulic( has introduced circuit-balancing products, which were designed to eliminate fluctuations in temperature, eliminate occupant complaints and costly remedies, and optimize energy efficiency in buildings. Victaulic coil components and Coil Pacs, along with TA differential pressure controller and TA and Victaulic balancing valves, allow engineers to control building temperatures while optimizing energy efficiency by providing precise flow to the coils.


TheAspen Compressor LLC( 14-24-000X miniature rotary refrigeration systems compressor can be installed in mobile or portable applications, including portable refrigeration/freezer systems, thermally controlled transit containers, beverage dispensers, and mini-chilled water systems. It can also be used for small stationary applications, such as cooling electronic components. The variable-speed hermetic compressors are designed for connection to 12/24-vdc power supplies and for primary use with R-134a or R-404A refrigerants. It operates in conditions where battery, fuel cell, vehicle, or solar power are available as direct current sources. It has a speed range of 1,800-7,000 rpm.

TheBitzer( Orbit 8 Standard and Orbit 8 Boreal R-410A hermetic scroll compressors have been developed for air conditioning applications. The Orbit 8 Series is optimized for operation at medium to high condensing temperatures, such as for systems with an air-cooled condenser and for heat pumps, whereas the Orbit 8 Boreal Series is optimized for operation at low to medium condensing temperatures, which generally affects systems with a water-cooled condenser or air-cooled systems in colder climates. The units’ design has been optimized for low sound emissions. Even temperature distribution across scroll wraps are achieved by the patented design. The Octagon® Series compressors by Bitzer are designed for CO2 applications in subcritical cascade systems. They are semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. The 17 models, ranging from 13,000 to 400,000 Btuh cooling capacity (-25° to 20°F) are available. The extremely solid drive gear design - with advanced multilayer bearings - and valve plate construction have been specifically adapted to the requirements of CO2. The patented integrated pulsation mufflers, advanced centrifugal lubrication system by dynamic disc, and a housing with high-strength pressure without bottom plate for maximum operating pressures of 40 bar on the HP side are all features of the compressors.

TheDanfoss( Performer VSD integrates a variable-speed scroll compressor, drive, and control electronics for electronic expansion valve (EEV), condenser fan, and reversing valve. The unit, designed for variable-speed residential air conditioning applications, offers load matching from 900 to 4,500 rpm, using a newly designed IPM motor. It is a clean drive with virtually no harmonics and an active power correction (PF 0.98+). The unit has a dehumidification mode without reheating, and operates down to 55 dBa. The Performer VSD features a new compressor concept designed for capacities from 2 to 5 tons of refrigeration.

Embraco( displayed its VNEK variable-capacity compressor. Used in applications such as ultra-low-temperature equipment, walk-in coolers, merchandisers, ice makers, and residential ventilation systems, the compressor has a high starting torque startability under adverse conditions. It features a high power (HP) inverter up to 1,000 W, wide range capacity for R-404A and R-290 refrigerants, and an overload protector for current and temperature extremes. Additional features include LED diagnosis, serial communication, frequency, or drop-in control modes. The HP inverter case is protected against liquid, dust, and dirt. Depending on the model, the minimum and maximum capacity ranges from 700 to 3,855 Btuh. All models are available in 115 and 220V. Another compressor shown by the company was the NTU. Designed for commercial refrigeration, it can be used in applications such as icemakers, open merchandisers, glass door freezers, reach-in refrigerators, and refrigerated islands. It has up to a 10,000-Btuh capacity [under the ARI conditions (20°F evap/120° cond/40° return gas/0° SC)]. The compressor models - NTU 6240 GK, NTU 6238 GK, NTU 6234 GK, NTU 6232 GK - all utilize R-404A refrigerant.

The Copeland Scroll® ZRK5 byEmerson Climate Technologies( is a compressor for residential and light commercial air conditioning applications. The compressor is available from 1.5-5 hp and optimized for R-22 refrigerant, as well as R-407C. It is available with optional POE lubricant for increased compatibility with R-22 and HFC refrigerants. The compressor is shipped in a single pack with the molded plug wiring harness, mounting parts, and installation instructions.

Hanbell( displayed its RV Series variable-frequency drive screw compressor. It is designed for a wide range of displacement. The compressor can use R-134a, R-22, or R-407 refrigerant and is designed according to the characteristics of the refrigerant. Three types of motors - A, B, and C - are available for different refrigerants and operating conditions. The compressor has a new precision screw rotor profile with minimum clearance and high tip speed. Features include semi-hermetic design: directly compressed suction gas, a high-efficiency motor especially for variable-speed application, and a motor with three-support design for minute vibration and low noise level.

Masterflux byTecumseh( offers brushless dc variable-speed compressors. The units can be used for air conditioning, refrigerating, or freezing. The compressors utilize either R-134a or R-404A refrigerant. Features include a high capacity to size ratio, custom designed controllers, and advanced sensorless controller technology. There are multiple models for 12 through 420 vdc applications. Options include dual compressor configurations for increased capacity and S.A.E.-M.I.O. No. 8 and 10 refrigeration fittings. Custom controllers are available. Depending on the unit, the rpm can range from 1,800-6,500.


Canatal International 2008 Inc.( displayed its Series IR in-row air conditioner. The 3-ton mission critical a/c units are available in water-cooled DX, glycol-cooled DX, and chilled-water cooling modes. They are offered in DX in 410A and rear-to-front flow configurations. The six axial fans are easy to access and are hot-swappable for zero downtime replacement. Features include an aluminum, washable, 1-inch deep MERV 1 mesh filter and a microprocessor-controlled control module. The air conditioners have airflows of 2,300 cfm (3,905 m3/h).

Ecosaire® byDectron( highlighted the EN Series, an air conditioning line for data equipment centers, telecommunications rooms, medical equipment rooms, and other critical cooling environments. Models are offered from 7.5-30 refrigeration tons and are modularly constructed as complete factory-assembled units or ready-to-assemble onsite kits. They utilize R-410A or R-407C refrigerant. The units feature 95-98 percent sensible heat ratio, standard direct-drive backward inclined fans with optional variable-speed, variable-frequency drives and EC motors. Supervisaire® onboard microprocessor is capable of either self-sufficient controlling/monitoring or interfacing with all building automation system protocols.


Alcoil( offers micro-channel condenser technology. According to the company, the technology increases airside heat transfer between the fins and the ambient air, heat conduction between the fins and tubes, and refrigerant-side heat transfer between the tubes and the refrigerant.

Emerson Climate Technologies( said the Copeland Scroll® Outdoor Condensing Unit “is an integrated solution that as a whole exceeds the performance of its individual components, ultimately easing installation and service for contractors and providing a highly-efficient, reliable, and cost-saving product for end-users.” With a Copeland Scroll compressor, variable-speed PSC fan motor and Copeland PerformanceAlert™ diagnostics, this condensing unit “offers trusted durability and energy savings greater than 20 percent, as well as increased system diagnostic capabilities,” the company said.

Muller Industries( has a 3C condenser that is a remote air-cooled unit for commercial refrigeration systems. It has a microchannel technology and adiabatic precooling. The product “demonstrates using a small amount of water on extreme days can offer water-cooled energy efficiency without high water consumption and chemical treatment,” the company said.

Tecumseh’s( Celseon is a fractional horsepower indoor air-cooled condensing unit. Options include electronically commutated fan motors, service valves, and liquid line receivers.

Trenton Refrigeration( “TQ” quiet condensing unit features variable-speed EC motors to control heat pressure, resulting in low power consumption, the company said.


Tower Tech( introduced the TTXL Series, which is a forced-draft, counter-flow cooling tower that delivers thermal performance in both constant and variable heat load applications. Its modular design enables easy inter-connectivity to create virtually any size cooling tower and accommodates future expansion of cooling tower capacity, according to the manufacturer. The design features a fully enclosed Flow-Thru Basin™ which serves as both the cold water reservoir and provides the base structural component of the module, a variable-flow Rotary Spray Nozzle™ which delivers even fill coverage across a broad range of system flows, a Water Collection System™ for channeling waterflow into the tower’s Flow-Thru Basin, and bottom-mounted fans. TTXL Series standard model towers use high efficiency direct drive motors, and are available in 3, 5, or 7.5 hp, and all motors operate at a nominal speed of 860 RPM.

Protec( FRS Series cross flow cooling towers are factory or field assembled, designed to serve commercial, institutional and industrial loads. The range of cooling towers offered in the FRS Series is for single-, double-, and multi-cell configurations. The small footprint affords the installer to use the FRS in new construction projects as well as the strict requirements of replacement projects. Features include: fiberglass reinforced polyester gravity flow hot water distribution basin as well as the cold water basin, stainless steel or galvanized steel options, belt drive assembly, corrosion resistant axial fan, access ladder, and internal walkway.


Addison( UHD-Series are gas-fired, power-vented duct furnaces with a tubular heat exchanger. The use of the tubular heat exchanger and inshot burners enables the UHD-Series units to achieve a minimum of 82 percent thermal efficiency. The units are available in non-separated or separated combustion chamber models, as well as with aluminized or stainless steel heat exchangers. The units may be shelf mounted or suspended from above. They are also installed in existing ductwork for additional heat in cold areas of factories, warehouses, vestibules, and workshops.

The hotpod™ is a miniature inline duct furnace that was being featured at the booth ofTPI Corp.( The unit is designed to boost the heating in cold rooms. It is installed in existing ductwork and controlled by an individual thermostat. Heating is provided by energizing the 1,440 W heating element which uses its own internal fan to bring the room to the desired temperature. Cooling can also be provided through enhanced airflow by using the fan to deliver conditioned air from a main duct or other conditioned area.


Airtec Products Corp.( introduced Fortress, a lineset covering system for mini-splits or ducted split air conditioning systems. Manufacturing Fortress domestically from a new multi-million dollar, 48,000-square-foot, fully-automated plant, the product is constructed of strong, extruded PVC lengths and injection-molded fittings that are highly UV and weather resistant. It is made specifically for the U.S. market with full 8-foot lengths to reduce joints and waste with two deep profiles - 3.5-inches for standard linesets and 4.5-inches for heavily-insulated or multiple linesets. Four colors of white, ivory, brown, and gray coordinate with most condenser and home exterior colors.

Bard Manufacturing Co.( showcased its new S Series of wall-mount air conditioners. The series features multi-capacity, two-stage operation and was specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the telecommunications industry while significantly reducing operating costs, said the company. It is designed to operate in first-stage cooling the majority of the time and its two-stage operation improves moisture removal. The line operates with R-410A refrigerant and has an internal economizer ventilation option for free cooling when outdoor ambient conditions are optimal.

Daikin AC (Americas) Inc.( featured multiple new additions to its product lines. The VRV® III-C, designed especially for high efficiency heating in colder climates, performs at outdoor temperatures as low as –13°F. At the heart of the new system is a two-stage compression system that uses multiple smaller compressors. A new introduction in the United States, the Altherma created a buzz at the show too. The air-to-water heat pump system is an alternative heating and domestic hot water solution that is three to five times more energy efficient than using conventional fossil fuel systems, said the company. Daikin has adapted some of its technology for new ducted options this year, like the new ducted Outdoor Air Processing fan coil unit for use with VRV condensing units and the new six and 8 ton large ducted fan coil units that can be combined with VRV III and VRV-WII condensing units.

Fujitsu General America Inc.( now offers three new ductless wall mount split system heat pumps with longer refrigerant pipe lengths and high-energy efficiencies - 18RLXS, 24RLXS, and 30RLX. Each of the three systems offers an extended line set capability, providing a line set maximum of 165 lineal feet. The company also introduced its Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI) system. According to the company, HFI blends a complex VRF system with the simplicity of a multi-zone system to create a new hybrid solution that shares the best of both systems. It allows for up to eight zones and includes benefits such as long piping, SEER rated, flare connections, 130 percent capacity, group remote, etc. It also aids in minimizing copper usage and expense. The inverter component of the system constantly regulates the compressor speed to its optimum energy usage, producing higher refrigerant performance with less power consumption, said the company.

LG Electronics( showcased its high wall duct-free mini split high efficient single zone LS091HSV and LS121HSV. Coming in at 9,000 and 12,000 Btu cooling capacity respectively, these units feature a variable-speed compressor, R-410A refrigerant, a plasma air purifying system, and Gold Fin™ anti corrosion treatment. Featuring multiple modes, including sleep and dehumidifying, these units have automatic restart and changeover, along with a self-cleaning coil. Also introduced was the LG Environmental Control Manager (ECM). This environmental control was designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Coupled with LG duct-free split systems, this device offers 7-day, 4-events-per-day programming; a filter monitor that ensures airflow is maximized by notifying the user to clean the air filter at regular intervals; and an energy watch feature that monitors power consumption and calculates the actual dollar cost of operating the LG mini-split air conditioner over a selected period of time.

Samsung( introduced its new Digital Variable Multi (DVM) line additions - the DVM Plus II, III, and IIIHR. The line uses variable refrigerant flow technology and is suited to large commercial buildings where occupancy and building loads are constantly changing. Multiple capacities and styles of indoor units are available to suit room size, load, and usage. Capacities range from 7,000 to 48,000 Btuh. The Plus II is a 460 V heat pump system that features six outdoor units, four variable speed, and four fixed capacity. The Plus III is a 208/230 V heat pump system that features three capacities of outdoor units, all with variable-speed compressor. The Plus IIIHR is a heat recovery system that provides the ability to heat and cool simultaneously.

Solar Panels Plus LLC( debuted its SplitCool DC18, a solar powered dc air conditioner. It operates at 18,000 Btu nominal capacity, has a variable speed brushless dc compressor, and works with standard photovoltaic panels. With the power supplied by a solar fed standard deep-cycle golf cart battery, the primary application of this unit is remote areas that need cooling but have no access to traditional power sources, such as deserts and islands. It operates in cooling and heating modes and provides for day and night operation.

TGM Industries, a division ofRefricenter International(, announced the availability of its new inverter series of high-wall mini-split air conditioners. The company’s inverter units are available in straight cool and heat pumps in 9,000; 12,000; 18,000; and 24,000 Btuh. All are between 15.5 and 16.5 SEER, and competitively priced, said the company.


Aquatherm Inc.( displayed its full line of polypropylene piping systems, including Aquatherm Greenpipe®, Climatherm, and Lilac, which are all new to the North American market. Aquatherm’s fully recyclable systems have been used in more than 70 countries around the globe for more than 35 years and are code-approved, listed to NSF 61, NSF 14, ASTM F2389, and NSF 51. Aquatherm’s Climatherm piping is specifically designed for chilled water, condensing water, radiant heating, and industrial applications.

CertainTeed( ToughGard® R Duct Liner is used primarily as an acoustical liner in HVAC sheet metal ducts to absorb unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise. It can be used in most types of duct systems, operating velocities up to 6,000 fpm and temperatures to 250°F. The air stream surface contains an EPA registered anti-microbial agent in order to reduce the potential of microbial growth that may affect this product. The product contains a minimum of 60 percent recycled content based on a LEED definition. ToughGard R Duct Liner is 40 percent more water repellent than standard duct liner according to the manufacturer, and meets applicable fire resistance standards and building code requirements.

DuctMate( GreenSeam™ Snap Lock Pipe is supplied with a pre-installed butyl gasket that, once snapped together, is self sealing, requiring no additional sealing of the longitudinal seam. On average, leakage along the longitudinal seam is 95 percent less than with conventional snap-lock pipe. All pipe is available with yellow union label only.

McGill AirFlow( Leak Detective® Test Station is a new product concept by McGill that uses calibrated Venturi/flow meters to measure the amount of air leakage in HVAC duct systems. According to the manufacturer, the Venturi tubes have been mated with a variety of components: a variable-speed blower used for four leakage test ranges, a silencer at the blower inlet, a central control panel, a digital static pressure gauge, a digital airflow meter for supply and exhaust duct systems, and a smoke generator with connections and controls. The Lead Detective is packaged in a compact, self-contained, ergonomically-designed, wheeled test station that is easy to operate, transport, and move around a commercial jobsite. The unit operates on a single 110-volt electric connection and has auxiliary outlets for convenience.

Security Chimneys™( The CIX Secure Stack™ is a modular, double-walled, positive-pressure chimney, commercial venting system, with 2 inches of high-density Rockwool insulation for a cool outside surface temperature. This system is designed for easy installation across a wide range of applications. It is offered in five different material configurations using 304-316 stainless steel and Galvalume®. The CIX chimney is available in diameters from 5 to 36 inches with a self-centering design that simplifies and accelerates the installation process. All components are quickly assembled and installed in the field. No tools are required for the assembly as the installer lays a bead of silicon, places the components together, and snap-locks the seal. It is certified for commercial, grease duct, and diesel exhaust applications. The CIX chimney meets or exceeds U.S. UL-103, 60-inch WC positive pressure, 1400 F chimney, Canadian ULC-ord959 and Canadian ULC–S604 chimney and Grease Duct UL 1978 standards. Security Chimneys is a division of Lennox Hearth Products.

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc.( Safety Seal Fittings are manufactured from galvanized steel meeting ASTM A-653, and feature a double-legged EPDM gasket to guarantee an airtight fit when slipped into spiral pipe. The gasket is mechanically attached to the fitting with a 180 degree hemmed edge. This hem gives added rigidity to the fittings, ensures that the gasket will not slip out of place, and creates a safe rounded edge for the installer. Safety Seal Fittings eliminate the need to caulk joints, resulting in labor savings.


Heat Controller( introduced the 95 percent two-stage gas furnace, which the company stated is designed for maximum comfort and efficiency. The two-stage design reduces temperature swings and on-off furnace cycling by providing a gentle, steady flow of warm air. The furnace features quiet operation, in-shot burner, and an integrated furnace control. The company also featured its new air handler with optional electric heat, which offers multi-position flexibility. The HAGV Series is built with a variable speed ECM blower motor that operates about 90 percent more efficiently than PSC motors and is super quiet. The air handler features a durable 22-gauge galvanized steel cabinet and a slide-out blower assembly that speeds service and maintenance.

Texas Furnace( featured its new VSC Series 95 percent AFUE gas furnaces. The two-stage furnaces feature a compact design and an ECM variable-speed motor. The self-diagnosing control system has a five-code memory storage, and the system is easy to access with no door switches. Power terminals are provided for humidifiers and electronic air cleaners. The furnace comes with a 20-year heat exchanger warranty and a five-year parts limited warranty.


Addison’s( VWY/VGY Series of water-to-air indoor heat pumps come in 8-30 ton sizes. The VWY Series units are available with a closed-loop system utilizing a cooling tower and a boiler, and operate with an entering water temperature between 55 and 95°F. For ground or geothermal loop heat exchanger applications, the VGY Series are rated with entering fluid temperature between 30-100°. Each vertical unit contains a compressor, reversing valve metering device, and water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger. They can be used in manufacturing facilities, offices, hotels, schools, and other settings.

The GeoTec geothermal heat pump byBard Manufacturing Co. Inc.( is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Suitable for open or closed loop applications, the GeoTec is available in 2-6 ton capacities. Features include a Copeland step-capacity scroll compressor, R-410A refrigerant, and variable-speed ECM motor for efficient and quiet performance. Increased dealer-friendly installation and service features include left- or right-side water connections, left- or right-hand access to control panel, slide-in electric heat packages, and simplified wiring and troubleshooting.

The Compass™ Series byGeoComfort®( comes in models that range from 33,500-60,000 Btuh and 3.8-4.7 COP (heating) and 42,400-70,000 Btuh and 15.6-25.2 EER (cooling). The multiposition packaged geothermal heat pump has a design that provides a foamed-in water-to-refrigerant coaxial heat exchanger that prevents condensation, which can lead to premature failure, and includes a sleeved opening for downflow configuration. The unit can be installed for left-hand or right-hand return. The remote-mount control box provides eye-level access for easier wiring and service. The heat pump has quadruple compressor isolation - high-density steel/foam layer, rubber grommets, and two layers of insulation - providing a combination of sound and vibration absorption.

Hydron Module®( showed a vertical multiposition packaged geothermal heat pump, which can be installed in residential applications. The appliance-grade cabinet has brushed stainless steel access panels with rounded corners and is near airtight, increasing IAQ. For sound and vibration absorption, the geothermal heat pump has a high-density steel/foam layer, rubber grommets, and two layers of insulation. The high- and low-voltage wiring as well as all controls are at eye level. The unit has a rail-mounted blower assembly, enabling conversion from upflow to downflow. The patent-pending design provides a foamed-in water-to-refrigerant coaxial heat exchanger that prevents condensation, which can lead to premature failure, and includes a sleeved opening for downflow configuration.

WaterFurnace International Inc.( displayed the Versatec Ultra Series compact water-source heat pumps for water loop and geothermal applications. With a 17.2 EER and a 3.5 COP, the product is available in a wide selection of capacities (9,000- to 70,000-Btuh output). Designed for commercial properties, the series is suitable for both retrofit and new construction applications. Units feature highly efficient and reliable single-capacity rotary or scroll compressors that are paired with permanent split capacitor blower motors. Optional variable-speed electronically commutated motor blower motors are available for improved efficiency and comfort. Cabinet sizes include seven vertical and seven horizontal models. Every cabinet is made of environmentally responsible, corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet metal. The company also showed the Legend Series geothermal heat pumps. The units feature single-capacity scroll compressors paired with five-speed X13 electronically commutated motor blower motors (or optional three-speed permanent split capacitor motors). Unit configurations include vertical top discharge (left or right return) and horizontal units with left or right return, and side or end discharge for retrofit and new construction applications. An optional hot water generator allows the units to preheat water in the water heater to save money. In heating mode, water is heated at the efficiency of the unit. In cooling mode, the heat from the home is transferred to the water heater rather than the ground, providing free hot water.


Airtec( Model MV is a diffuser, boot, and damper all in one. The installer need only cut a hole in the ceiling, attach the Model MV to ductwork with the included Tyton strap, and tighten four screws. As screws tighten, mounting clips rotate into position securing the unit in place. The stepped collar design accommodates 6, 7, 8-inch square or 4, 5 and 6-inch round ducts. Unneeded sections are removed using tear-away bands, no cutting or assembly required. According to the manufacturer, up to 80 percent reduction in installation time is possible.

Dayus Register & Grille(, displayed a new 1/2-inch flanged shallow bar linear all-aluminum register, for installations in ceilings, side walls, sills, or floors where a straighter, longer throw is required. The fully eluded frame is constructed with supports every 4 inches. Deflection bars are fixed parallel to the long dimension. Sponge gaskets are provided on all supply grilles and registers to prevent streaking of walls or ceilings.


Apema( has heat exchangers for hydraulic oil cooling. The AKG air-cooled model has aluminum radiators, the header constructed of brazed aluminum, and high thermal performance, the company said. The TA model water-cooled has a aluminum finned/copper tube bundle and high thermodynamic efficiency.

Delphi( has MCHX® heat exchangers using micro channel technology. The technology uses a compact design. The system joins three components - the flat micro-channel tube, the fins, and refrigerant manifolds - together in a single coil. The coil design was created for a high rate of heat transfer while maintaining low airside pressure drop. “All of this means greater energy efficiency, increased heat transfer, smaller, lighter packaging and reduced refrigerant usage compared to traditional tube and fin designs,” said Charlie Clevenger, product line director, Delphi residential and commercial heat exchangers, Delphi Thermal Systems.

Luvata Grenada( noted it manufactures heat exchangers for a broad variety of applications. Products range from the small OEM coil to the large industrial type coil. Flexible manufacturing processes enable the company to offer alternatives to the standard copper and aluminum coil with its all aluminum coils. Or Luvata can provide the additional protection of its Electrofin coating, according to a statement from the company.


Bry-Air( released two new sizes of its MiniPAC® dehumidifier. The MP-900 has a process cfm of 900, and the MP-1200 has a process cfm of 1,200. These are two of the six models available. This totally self-contained unit has insulated process and reactivation airflow sectors and a rotor with stainless steel flange. It can be packaged with cooling modules and is suitable for continuous operation. The small physical size allows it several mounting options and provides an independent blower for each air stream. There is an auto/manual selector switch, power on, heater on, and fault status indicators, and volume control dampers. The rotor is water washable and a weather proofing option is available. The company also unveiled its BrySmart Control System. It is a microprocessor-based system that uses dynamic control of dehumidifier operating parameters to improve part-load energy efficiency. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of cutting energy use by up to 45 percent.

Dectron( displayed its new offering for indoor pool/whirlpool light commercial and residential dehumidifier. This new unit contains Supervisaire®, a controller with 32 sensing ports that communicates with the variable frequency drive controlled plenum fan complete with a direct drive motor. It is capable of load sharing and offers night setback as well. The unit uses three types of refrigerant - R-410A, R-134a, and R-407C - and employs a Chloraguard® module for advanced gas-phase air filtration. It has a matching, remote outdoor air-cooled condenser or fluid cooler. The fins on the outdoor unit are squeezed between two tubes, which help reduce refrigerant usage.

Desert Aire( showed its new ExpertAire™ Series of dehumidifiers for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Meeting AHRI 910, the new line is designed for applications with air temperatures between 65 and 95°F (18 and 35°C) that require moisture removal between 4 and 100 pounds per hour. To accomplish this, it uses a specially designed coil to maximize the system’s latent capability. The systems feature an optional capacity control design, scroll compressors, and a control that enables the unit to completely close the outdoor damper when a facility is in an unoccupied mode. The line has five modes of operation and offers auxiliary heating as well.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.( featured three humidity related products in its booth. The Series RHP-W wall mount humidity/temperature/dew point transmitter comes with an optional LCD display and replaceable sensors. The company also had its Series WHP wireless humidity/temperature sensors on display. Using a 418-megahertz transmitter, these units transmit up to 100 feet and are battery operated. The Series ISDL temperature/humidity data logger records temperatures that range from –40 to 185°F and comes with DL700 software to retrieve and manage the data gathered. The unit is submersible and can be started and stopped from a PC or delayed to start up to six months in advance.

Ebac Industrial Products Inc.( launched its completely new product line of Desiccant Dehumidifiers - the EIPI DD (Desiccant Dehumidifier) range. The line is currently comprised of three units, DD200, DD300, and DD400 with varying extraction capacities between 46–72 pints per day. All units are manufactured from a high grade Stainless Steel Single to ensure a rust free product when used in the most severe of applications. It has a high efficiency PTC Heater to ensure maximum drying is immediately reached and constantly maintained. There is also a high efficiency, patented PPS rotor with 82 percent active silica gel rotor to ensure optimum performance over the wide operating range of environments. Standard features include an hours run meter, an ampere meter, and auto/manual control with facility for a remote humidistat. The company intends to increase the product range in the coming months.

General Filters Inc.( introduced its new GFX3 Automatic Digital Humidistat. The GFX3 will adjust the humidity indoors based on the outdoor temperature, lowering the humidity in cold weather to reduce condensation. It can operate in manual mode as well, to control humidity to a specific relative humidity set point. According to the manufacturer, automatic mode operation is traditionally preferred to reduce condensation on windows and within the building structure. The manual mode option feature is available where the outdoor sensor cannot be installed, or when protecting valuable interior items like artwork, musical instruments, wood floors, cabinetry, and ornate crown moldings. The LCD display is backlit with a soft blue glow for easy to read use. It can be mounted on an interior wall or on the return duct of the HVAC system.

Honeywell( added TrueSTEAM™, a first-of-its kind whole-house humidification system, to its line of products that improve residential home IAQ. According to the company, because it works by producing its own steam, independent of heating or cooling equipment operation, TrueSTEAM uses significantly less water than traditional whole-house humidifiers, making it the most eco-friendly way to humidify a home. Installed by a heating and cooling professional into the home’s central heating and cooling system, it can be installed remotely up to 20 feet away from the central heating and cooling equipment, providing a humidification solution to homes with tight equipment rooms, crawlspaces or attics. The company also added two new models to the TrueDRY™ whole-house dehumidification line - TrueDRY™ DH65 and TrueDRY™ DH150. The new models, along with TrueDRY™ DH90, allow contractors to satisfy the needs of more residential dehumidification applications.

Kathabar Dehumidification Systems( introduced a scale-working demonstration conditioner. It is designed to facilitate educational presentations on how liquid desiccant technology works. The company also showcased its Secure Environmental System™ (SES). Designed for government, military, medical, laboratories, and other critical facilities, Kathabar’s SES acts as a scrubber to capture airborne contaminants, helps protect interior spaces against outside biological attacks, pandemics/epidemics, viruses/germs, and airborne matter, and ensures no microbiological cross-contamination. It also exchanges temperature and humidity between airstreams with a desiccant transfer solution, providing energy recovery. The air is scrubbed by the desiccant solution as it passes through high-efficiency packing in each section. System design utilizes separate supply and exhaust air units connected only with piping. Since ventilation and exhaust air are handled by separate units, no cross leakage or microbiological cross-contamination of exhaust air to ventilation air can occur. All of the airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold captured in the desiccant solution are neutralized upon contact.

Napoleon( highlighted its new Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). This unit is designed to remove the humidity in the air before it enters the home, which, according to the company, will reduce cooling costs. It is able to complete this task by transferring water into the air exchange. These units are specifically designed for warm humid regions, where high outside humidity levels are the cause for operating an air conditioner on a constant basis. ERVs are not recommended where the temperature falls below 25°F (-4°C) for a period of more than five days straight. The ERV features a counterflow design to increase efficiency, is designed with a non-cellulose material that will not deteriorate with constant exposure to water/humidity, an energy efficient motor, five speed operation, and four selectable operation modes. This unit has no defrost and is suitable only for the deep South region.

Nortec( introduced its RH Humidifier series. Designed for residential use, this wall-hanging unit features the same electronic technology as the company’s commercial units. It offers pure, clean, sterile steam humidification and has automatic fill and drain cycles. Cleaning is accomplished using a disposable cylinder and its auto-adaptive technology that adapts to changing water conditions. All scale and mineral sediment is deposited into the disposable cylinders which require no special tools to change. Installation requires a potable water supply, water drainage, and 110-240 V power.

NovelAire Comfort Products( released the ComfortDry™250. This desiccant-based dehumidifier is driven with hot water. Any available hot water source can be used to provide the heat necessary to reactivate the internal desiccant wheel, including solar collected and waste hot water. The unit contains the company’s new Comfort Wheel™ technology that rotates slowly while simultaneously adsorbing the moisture for the home. It can be installed in a stand-alone configuration or ducted into the existing air handling system to utilize the existing ductwork for dry air distribution throughout the home. It removes up to 105 pints of moisture per day and is typically sized for up to 3,000 sq. ft.

PAX Streamline( introduced the Sonoma Cool dehumidifier. Employing liquid desiccant technology, the system interfaces with the buildings HVAC system to accomplish a “dehumidify first approach.” It consists of a conditioner, a regenerator, two heat exchangers, and coolwater options for the conditioner, and heat source options for the generator. Primarily targeted for commercial HVAC, the unit is ideal for supermarkets, refrigerated warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, process industries, etc. According to the company, drying the air first saves up to 25 percent of a building’s HVAC electricity usage. It also works with solar.

Pridiom Group LLC( showcased its industrial fixed dehumidifier models PID850e and PID950e. These installed dehumidifiers have electronic defrost control, a rotary compressor, a power-on indicator, and a drying indicator. The models can be used free-standing on their four built-in feet, or wall mounting brackets are supplied. It also has an electronic humidistat, washable air filter, two-speed fan, adjustable air louvers, a digital humidity read-out, and electronic touch controls. The 850e model removes 95 pints per day and the 950e removes 127 pints per day.

Ultra-Aire( highlighted its UA 90H ventilating dehumidifier. This high–efficiency, whole-house ventilating dehumidifier is Energy Star® rated and capable of removing 90 pints of water per day. It is designed for areas up to 2,200 sq. ft. and features a well-insulated, compact, horizontal cabinet. Suitable for attic, basement, and crawlspace installation, the UA 90H offers R-410A and a new circular knock-out on the top of the box to expand installation options. The company provides a two-year, 100 percent all parts and labor warranty, and a five-year 100 percent condenser evaporator and compressor only warranty with certain limitations.

Vapac Humidification( featured its latest addition to the VapaSorb line with its new hybrid insulation construction. Surrounding the VapaSorb steam distribution manifold, this insulation combines a high-tech polymer coating with a closed-cell foam insulation from Armacell. It can be used for atmospheric or pressurized applications and has a low thermal conductivity that reduces the overall heat gain and condensate generation by up to 70 percent, said the company. The insulation coating helps resist damages to shipping and handling as well.


Aermec( featured its new product line in North America, which provides hot and cold water for heating, cooling, refrigeration, and potable water. Available in sizes ranging from 3 to 250 tons, the heat pumps and chillers are designed much like a refrigerator. Their simple, plug-and-play feature allows for no refrigeration piping or charging. The air-to-water heat pumps and chillers used in conjunction with the Aermec fan coils can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Ajax Series( introduced the WCP Series high-efficiency near-condensing water boiler. Featuring up to 86-percent thermal efficiency, the WCP performs dependably and quietly, offering the highest efficiency solutions for space heating and process hot water, said the company. It features up to 6:1 turndown, full modulation, anti-condensation control, touch screen system operator interface, and air-cooled interrupted pilot with UV scanner. Modular design, low emissions, advanced controls, and easier start-up are also featured.

Aquatherm( released its line of threaded transitions with stainless steel inserts. The fittings maintain the integrity of the systems in areas with hard or aggressive water. Greenpipe®, Climatherm, and Lilac polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping systems use a simple heat fusion connection that removes toxic materials, glues, and resins, and open flames from the piping installation equation. The pipe and desired fitting are inserted onto an Aquatherm welding device and heated for a specified time (typically seconds), then joined together, creating a single, homogenous bond that lasts a lifetime.

Beckett( displayed its new AquaSmart boiler temperature control. The control is designed for use on residential and light commercial boiler systems and is featured in both 120-vac oil and 24-vac gas versions. The company said the AquaSmart is designed to meet the Department of Energy’s (2012) regulation and NRCan’s (2010) law mandating that an “automatic means for adjusting water temperature” be installed on all boilers.

Bryan Steam( introduced the Triple-Flex™ Series ultra-high-efficiency condensing boiler at the show. Four models offer 1,500-3,000 MBH inputs with sub30 PPM NOx utilizing a hybrid metal fiber burner. The boilers de-liver minimum 90-percent operating efficiency with 160°F return, 180° supply, and 100-percent firing load. Boilers are available in 6-500 hp capacities for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. Flexible tubes are removable and replaceable without welding or rolling. The compact water tube design delivers over 9 square feet of heating surface area per hp.

Buderus( showcased its new GB162 Series wall-hung gas condensing boiler, which is capable of reaching efficiency levels of 96 percent. The boilers are available with individual inputs of 290 or 333 MBtuh, and each boiler is capable of modulating down to 20 percent of the input to ensure that when the demand for heat is low, the efficiency is maintained. The boiler is designed to operate at 190° to 122°F, so it can remain in condensing mode as much as possible. The boiler can be used in residential or commercial applications and is well suited for multi-boiler cascades.

Cleaver-Brooks( introduced the ClearFire Model CFW, the latest in the line of high-efficiency commercial boilers. This noncondensing carbon steel boiler utilizes the patented AluFer® heat transfer technology and reaches an efficiency level of up to 88 percent while achieving ultra-low emissions. Available with inputs ranging from 400,000 to 2.4 million Btu, the CFW features a 5:1 turndown and advanced Falcon controls that seamlessly integrate up to eight boilers. Also highlighted was the Boiler Operation Optimization Savings Test (BOOST), which is a computer program designed for steam boiler systems that details the annual cost savings realized from making certain energy-efficient upgrades.

Eternal( highlighted its new condensing hybrid water heater, which features patented full-flow design and a stainless steel heat exchanger with a built-in 2-gallon reserve. The Eternal condensing hybrid combines the flow capacity of traditional tanks with the continuity of modern tankless units to supply consistent endless hot water with good pressure for up to five simultaneous applications, which can include snow melt, in-floor radiant heating, space heating (when combined with hydronic air handlers), and towel warming. Designed for extremely easy installation, the unit can either be wall mounted or floor standing with water connections on the unit’s top.

Fulton( introduced the Invictus gas absorption heat pump, a natural gas- or propane-fired heat pump that is incorporated and piped into a traditional hydronic heating system alongside either condensing or noncondensing boilers. Hydronic heating systems that incorporate the new heat pump can achieve operating efficiencies as high as 149 percent. The models include air-source units, ground-source units, and water source units. The units have both heating and cooling capabilities. The company also announced that it had recently expanded its popular ModSync product line (shown in photo) to include the ModSync LX and inSite remote monitoring system.

Grundfos Pumps Corp.( introduced the ALPHA, an energy-optimized, 115-V circulator featuring a permanent magnet motor design that cuts power consumption by a minimum of 50 percent as compared with other circulators in its class. Designed for hydronic heating applications in residential and light commercial applications, the compact unit is equipped with an Autoadapt function that automatically modulates circulator performance to match changing system demands. The company also launched Thinking Buildings Universe, a Website that offers contractors and engineers a complete range of information and tools on commercial pumps to help make their building projects come together more smoothly.

Heat Controller( displayed its new variable-speed hydronic air handlers. All are equipped with numerous features, including freeze protection for both heating and cooling, blower time delay, and built-in coil. All models are multi-positional; primary and secondary drain connections can be made on either the right or left side. The variable-speed models feature a blower motor that operates about 90 percent more efficiently than PSC motors. Comfort is enhanced by a blower time delay that allows a 30-45 second warm-up of the hydronic coil. A slide-out blower assembly makes maintenance and service simple.

Heat Transfer Products( highlighted its new Phoenix® Evolution system, which melds hydronic space heating and domestic hot water with complete system control in a single, compact, 96-percent-efficient package. One unit effectively replaces a gas-fired water heater, a 135,000-Btuh boiler, and a buffer tank in a space the size of the average residential water heater, notes the company. The units are entirely preplumbed and wired. Also featured was the new Elite boiler, which offers a turndown ratio of 6:1, allowing the unit to modulate at lower firing rates and reduce short cycling.

Honeywell( introduced enhancements to its Aquatrol hydronic boiler controls, which allow contractors to have advanced control of a hydronic heating system. New features simplify the installation process while providing functionality to work on more advanced jobs. The controls come with intuitive, color-coded wiring terminals to simplify installation. It is preprogrammed with the most common installation settings so contractors can use it out of the box. In addition, its modular design allows contractors to expand to up to 64 zones of heating.

ITT Bell & Gossett( showcased its Technologic® 502 variable-speed pump controller, which is the latest generation hardware platform providing advanced pumping software and proven algorithms to create a smarter, more cost-efficient and energy-saving pump system for HVAC and pressure booster applications. The company also introduced the ecocirc® line of energy-efficient potable water recirculator pumps that achieves significant energy savings while delivering instant hot water to every faucet. Featuring ECM technology and a patented spherical motor design, the ecocirc eliminates the need for a conventional shaft, seal, and bearing assembly.

Jaga Inc.( introduced its eco-friendly Energy Savers low-H2O radiators, which require 10 percent the water of traditional panel radiators, resulting in 12-percent energy savings. The units feature low mass and super low water content, which heats faster and in a more uniform and precise manner than traditional radiators, the company said. This makes it easier to keep a building or home at its ideal temperature, thereby reducing emissions. Compatible with any hydronic system, the heat exchange technology uses copper and aluminum components, which require less time to radiate heat.

LAARS Heating Systems Co.( displayed its NeoTherm® condensing boiler, a fully packaged, space-saving hydronic system that offers 95-percent energy efficiency. This direct-vent, sealed-combustion boiler modulates with a 5:1 turndown. Zero clearance to combustibles and convenient top connections (horizontal or vertical direct vent) make it a good choice for tight installations. The natural gas- or LP-fired boiler features an ASME stainless steel heat exchanger, optional boiler pump, diagnostic information, and low-NOx emissions. Features include top-mounted water and gas lines and air intake, permitting close, multiple-boiler installation.

Legend Hydronics( displayed its SunStation pump system, which is compact, lightweight, and includes flow gauge, fill/purge valves, circulator, balancing valve, supply and return isolation valves, manual air vent, and more. Also introduced was the M-8220 high-capacity manifold, which is suited for snow and ice melt and geothermal and commercial radiant applications with high flow requirements. Another new product on display was the GeoGreen geothermal manifold system, an easy-to-install custom manifold for ground-source geothermal loops. It reduces labor due to the low number of parts and connections and saves space because of its compact design.

Lochinvar( introduced the Sync condensing boiler with an advanced touch screen control system (Smart Touch). Sync combines stainless steel heat exchanger technology with modulating/condensing combustion to deliver thermal efficiency as high as 98 percent. With models producing 1.0-, 1.3-, and 1.5-million-Btuh inputs, low NOx operation, and 10:1 turndown, the boiler serves a wide range of commercial applications. The company also introduced six new solar models of Squire indirect water heater, designed to use the power and efficiency of a residential boiler to generate domestic hot water, consuming fuel more efficiently than a direct-fired water heater.

Mestek( featured is HeatNet control technology, available on Smith Cast Iron Boilers. The control is designed to provide Series 28 RTS boilers with an integrated boiler management system. HeatNet provides precise system control, repeatability, and feedback through digital communication. The control maximizes turndown ratios to maintain peak efficiency through five temperature setting inputs. The control eliminates wall-mounted control panels and offers easy-to-read displays with intuitive control menus.

Miura( highlighted is new BL microcontroller boiler control system, which offers many new individual monitoring points. The BL controller identifies problems and suggests solutions in plain English on an easy-to-read display. Featuring intuitive programming and operating, the controller is easy to set up, program, and operate. It measures numerous performance indicators, including steam pressure, flue gas temperature, feed water temperature, scale monitor temperature, overheat monitor temperature, flame current, and more.

NY Thermal Inc.( displayed its Trinity Lx gas boiler, which features a 5.7-inch color touch screen display. The company said the boiler can result in savings of up to 25 percent on heating bills, and it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50 percent. The boiler has efficiencies of up 98 percent steady state and 97-percent AFUE with an innovative floor- or wall-mount configuration, which provides access to all components. The removable door and hinged display panels provides excellent access and serviceability.

Raypak( introduced the XFyre modulating condensing boiler in sizes from 300 to 850 MBtu. It achieves 94-percent thermal efficiency at full fire and up to 99-percent part load. Indoor-outdoor construction is standard, and the boiler is certified for PVC, CPVC, and SS venting. Indoor combustible clearance requirement is zero, except for access area. With top water connections and a minute 9.5-square-foot footprint, two boilers can fit in the space often required for one. The company also showcased the new XPak, a wall-hung condensing residential hydronic boiler that features an extruded aluminum alloy heat exchanger.

Rehau( displayed its RauPlate joist space radiant heating system, which facilitates more rapid and efficient installations without disrupting the existing floor, the company said. The double-channel heat transfer plates are affixed to the underside of the subfloor, eliminating the need to change or add height to the existing floor above. With one pipe channel on each edge, the predrilled heat transfer plate design securely clips in two runs of ½-inch Raupex® O2 barrier pipe. The company also highlighted its new Raugeo™ ground-loop heat exchange system for heating and cooling.

Rinnai( introduced its wall-mounted boilers, which use condensing technology to heat an entire home and provide domestic hot water, while operating at up to a 96.5 percent AFUE efficiency. The units are Energy Star qualified and are easily retrofitted to replace traditional, less efficient boilers. They can also be used in new construction, and all seven models feature the exclusively designed stainless steel heat exchanger to deliver high performance and efficiency. The units are available in two series: the E Series for homes with small domestic hot water requirements, and the Q Series for all homes, even those where more substantial demands call for zone heating.

Riverside Hydronics( featured its Centauri and Centauri Plus condensing fire tube water boilers. The Centauri Plus is an ultra-high-efficiency, three-pass, vertical fire tube boiler with thermal efficiencies up to 99 percent. The Centauri is a modulating high-efficiency, three-pass vertical fire tube boiler with thermal efficiencies up to 94 percent. The company also showcased EMBLEM (Energy Management through BoiLer Efficiency Matching), a system that matches individual boiler efficiency to seasonal variation in boiler loop temperatures. This provides maximum efficiency without the added cost of all condensing boiler room equipment.

Taco( showed its new solar pumping station, which combines all the features needed for a closed-loop water heating system. There are five connections to make: two for the solar collector(s), two for the storage tank’s heat exchanger, and one for the expansion tank. The unit continually adjusts pump speed to maximize solar collector output and efficiency and comes pre-engineered, preplumbed, prewired, and easy to install. Also highlighted were the solar X-pump block, suited for installations where adding a solar storage tank is not feasible, and the variable-speed solar pump line, which includes circulators with integral solar differential temperature controls.

Uponor( introduced its 3-inch PEX tubing for commercial plumbing applications. The new tubing offers flexibility, durability, corrosion-resistance, proven history, and a 25-year limited warranty. With the 3-inch PEX, professionals don’t need to switch products when installing potable systems for both small- and large-dimension applications. The 3-inch tubing uses WIPEX™ dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass fittings. The fittings require the use of a simple chamfering tool, a pair of WIPEX Sleeve Pliers, and a wrench to create solid, strong connections in minutes.

Viega( featured Climate Mat®, the newest offering in the company’s ProRadiant® line. Instead of manually laying, tying, and suspending individual lengths of tubing, the product allows installers to roll out the mat and pour a 4-inch concrete slab directly on top of the tubing without typical reinforcements. Suited perfectly for large, preferably rectangular or square slabs typically found in warehouses or airport terminals, the mat allows installers to lay up to 20,000 square feet of tubing for radiant heating or cooling in eight hours.

Viessmann( highlighted the Vitodens 100, a new, high-performance, gas-fired, wall-mounted condensing boiler. The boiler features 95.1-percent efficiency and a versatile on-board boiler control that interfaces with most external controls. Other benefits include low-emission combustion and great venting flexibility with increased vent length (up to 200 feet). The boiler is easy to install, service, and maintain; all pipe connections are located at the bottom, and serviceable components are accessible from the front. Built-in automatic frost protection prevents freeze-up during long shut-off periods.

Weil-McLain( introduced its Ultra commercial condensing high-efficiency gas boiler, which features up to 93.9-percent thermal efficiency. The boiler is CSD-1 compliant, lightweight, and features out-of-the-box installation. Other standard features are high and low gas pressure switches, manual-reset low-water cut-off, and high-grade stainless steel burner with woven steel fiber mesh. Also on display was the new Ultra Series 3 condensing gas boiler, which is up to 96.4-percent efficient and features an electronic sensor and control system that allows key functions like the modulation of firing rates up or down.

Williams Comfort Products( introduced the ComforTrac vertical stack, which has a variable-speed fan and modulating valve that adjust air and water flow to provide real-time variable load control in all indoor environments.


GoGaS( highlighted its high intensity heater, type KMI. It is designed for maximum radiant efficiency, with heat provided immediately after switch-on. It includes a 100 percent insulated hood. Double nozzle allows for a two-stage operation of the heaters (50 percent and 100 percent capacity) even in case of low gas supply pressures. The unit is said to provide low maintenance costs due to easy removal of the combustion chamber. The KMI is suitable for high and large-volume rooms (industrial spaces, churches, leisure spaces, etc.) and also for outdoor installations (patio, outdoor restaurants) as well as drying applications.

Schwank( introduced ultraSchwank, what the company says is the most efficient tube (low intensity) heater for industrial and commercial applications. According to the company, ultraSchwank provides the most uniform heat distribution, reduces convection heat losses, and directs more heat where it is required. Minimum clearances to combustibles are reduced by 50 percent. It is said to be the first tube heater designed with an insulated reflector system. It increases tube and inner reflector surface temperatures, for superior heat retention and greater comfort at lower air temperatures. The clam shell housing design provides easier access to heater components.

Space-Ray Infrared Heaters( displayed its recently introduced PTS/PTU Series push through low intensity infrared tube heaters using positive pressure with its patent-pending Tube Integrity Safety System™ (TISS) that provides building owners with the ultimate in fire safety protection, says the company. With the TISS system, an insulated wire is placed above the reflector. A low voltage circuit control continuously monitors the clearance between the reflectors and the ceiling for excessive heat and tube integrity compromise. If the heat increases due to heat exchanger failure, the wire melts, the safety circuit is broken, and the gas controls shut down.

TheSuperior Radiant Products( Premier VS-VH Vacuum System is a high-efficiency infrared radiant heating system. Thermal efficiencies of up to 94 percent can be achieved depending on the configuration. According to the company, the state-of-the-art Premier VS-VH complements the company’s Premier VS with smaller in-series burners, offering greater layout flexibility. Designs can be custom engineered to best suit the project with long or short, condensing or noncondensing system options. The in-series burners also provide even heat distribution, to significantly increase personal comfort.


AirAdvice( introduced the Energy Savings Assessment as part of the suite of reporting capabilities of its BuildingAdvice™ program. The product improvement is accompanied by the launch of a complete program for marketing, selling, and delivering energy services in commercial buildings. The new Energy Savings Assessment offers service providers, such as mechanical service contractors, energy consultants, and real estate management companies, the ability to quickly provide sophisticated energy assessments for their customers.

Control Products, Inc.(, showed its new TA-900 TempAlarm™, which offers protection for homes, cabins, or businesses, and provides the convenience of remote temperature monitoring. This device calls up to three phone numbers if the temperature gets too low, too high, or the power goes out. When the temperature is out of range, the unit provides an audible alarm and closes a set of relays that can be connected to a visual alarm, security system, remote alarm, etc.

TheFluke( 810 vibration tester is designed for maintenance professionals who need to troubleshoot mechanical problems and quickly understand their cause. The handheld unit is designed to diagnose unbalance, looseness, misalignment, and bearing failures in mechanical equipment including motors, fans, blowers, belt and chain drives, gearboxes, couplings, pumps, compressors, closed coupled machines, and spindles. It identifies faults by comparing vibration data to an extensive set of rules and algorithms, and determines fault severity using a technology to simulate a fault-free condition and establish a baseline for instant comparison to gathered data.

General Electric Sensing and Inspection Technologies’( Telaire 8000 Ventostat Series wall-mount CO2, humidity and temperature transmitters feature a patented, absorption infrared gas-sensing engine. The ABC Logic™ self-calibration system eliminates the need for manual calibration in most applications. A mounting plate with two-piece terminal blocks facilitate wiring. A locking screw secures the cover and sensor to the mounting bracket. Dual simultaneous analog outputs are available for CO2. Sensors are shipped factory calibrated.

General Tools & Instruments Co.( introduced Seeker™ Series inspection instruments. The line includes video camera scope inspection systems with three models, and a good, better, best range of features. On the higher end there are more fully featured, wireless, audio, and data logging video borescopes offering an optional 98-foot (30-meter) camera probe.

Honeywell( introduced the Reveal touchscreen display. The unit measures 6 by 3.5 inches and interfaces with the entire WEBs-AX™ product family. Key features include up to 150 configurable display screens and the ability to reference up to 150 points from one or multiple controllers networked on any data bus in the system. Configurable permission levels limit access to system functions based on the end user’s role. Technicians can use a touchscreen to view system statistics, read and override system set points, view alarms, view point descriptions, view alarm troubleshooting notes, and any other user specified data.

Ridgid( launched RidgidConnect™, a subscription-based, online business tool designed for service professionals and contractors who create or use digital information. It provides the ability to share and store digital assets, such as diagnostic jobsite photos and videos, job reports and histories, maintenance records, customer lists, and other business files, which in turn simplifies external and internal communication, as well as the recordkeeping process. Subscribers can prepare and send detailed job reports that include notes and customer details to multiple recipients; edit and narrate digital media (videos and photos); control recipients’ access privileges. Subscription payments are made monthly.

Setra Systems( Model 239R Series pressure transducers are designed for very-low-pressure applications that require high accuracy. The variable-capacitance sensor is designed to be simple and reliable. A stainless steel diaphragm and an insulated electrode form a variable capacitor. As pressure increases or decreases, the capacitance changes. This change in capacitance is detected and converted to a linear DC electric signal by the electronic circuit. It provides a high-level voltage output (0-5 VDC); high positive overpressure protection is achieved by the sensor electrode acting as a stop for the diaphragm.


International Environmental Corp.( has the SureFlow®, a self-balancing system that eliminates the need for control valves, while using two pipes in what would be a typical four-pipe configuration. There are also fewer fittings, the company said. The company also notes two-pipe cooling, two-pipe heating, two-pipe cooling with electric heat, four-pipe cooling and heating.

Luvata Electrofin( described its ElectroFin® E-coat and ElectroFin Insitu® as environmentally-friendly coatings robust enough to withstand the worst the natural world can throw at them.

Victaulic(, has the Style 107H QuickVic® Rigid Coupling for HVAC, utility, and process piping. The coupling features enhanced pressure ratings, and expedites project construction by only requiring standard hand tools for installation. “Our installation-ready line of couplings are designed to improve productivity and enhance worksite safety, two benefits our customer’s value,” said Chuck Wilk, product manager of couplings and fittings for Victaulic. “We are continuously seeking to expand the line and advance our products to give our customers what they need.”


MovinCool’s( CM25 self-contained, ceiling-mounted air conditioner has a total cooling capacity of 25,000 Btuh and a sensible cooling capacity of 18,900 Btuh. The compact unit was designed for server rooms and other spaces with dense heat loads. The unit is 20 inches high, and a built-in mounting bracket, flanges, and vibration isolators allow for easier installation using off-the-shelf hardware. No refrigerant connections are required. The unit also has a 14 SEER efficiency rating, variable-speed inverter compressor, and inverter fan motors. It uses R-410A and a state-of-the-art, wall-mounted controller for advanced communications, monitoring, and self-diagnosis capabilities.

TheKwiKool( AtticMaster can help cooling contractors keep their techs cool, professional, and safe in hot attics. A powerful blower motor moves cool air up to 100 feet and a cooling capacity of up to 13,700 Btuh. The two-speed cold airflow supply is powered by 155 volts/15 Amps. The lightweight, 6-inch duct is available in 30-foot lengths, and the unit includes a 50-foot power cord. Movement is facilitated by a sturdy handle and two 8-inch rear wheels. Its size is 22 inches long, by 22 inches wide, by 48 inches high. It features a hermetic rotary compressor and direct-drive motor.

Port-A-Cool’s( new JetStream portable evaporative cooling units feature adjustable louvers, oversized water capacity, a dual water-fill option with float, and a new pump shutoff switch. The unit also features improved fan blades for quieter operation, a variable-speed motor, sight tube drain, and cord management. The sienna color housing is mounted on heavy-duty casters. The Model 1600 delivers up to 4,000 cfm, and the 2400 delivers up to 7,500 cfm.

Toyotomi USA( introduced the Model TAD-T38J tankless, double-duct, portable air conditioner. The unit features 13,000-Btuh capacity, intake and exhaust hoses (humidity is vented out of the exhaust hose), and a double filter system, a prefilter and charcoal filter (HAF filter available as an accessory). A removeable control with LCD and clock device can be stored on the unit. Its operational status is displayed by four LED colors. Fan speed selections are auto, low, medium, and high. The unit uses R-22 in a rotary compressor, and it generates ionized air. The unit is both UL and CUL approved.


Airgas’( array of gases and services includes a range of refrigerant gases including HFC-410A.

Arkema( has expanded its HFC refrigerant line to include HFC-427A (marketed by Arkema as Forane®427A) and R-407A (Forane®407A) refrigerants. R-427A refrigerant has nearly identical operating pressures and similar performance characteristics to HCFC-22 for use in a wide range of air-conditioning and refrigeration applications, the company said. R-407A refrigerant closely matches the cooling capacity and flow rates of R-22, making it particularly well suited for retrofitting supermarket and food storage applications, the company said. “Both products are non-ozone depleting and offer some of the lowest global warming potential available of the R-22 retrofits in the market today,” said Mike Brubaker, global director of marketing and sales for Arkema Fluorochemicals.

ComStar Refrigerant Services( said it has HFC replacement refrigerants for R-22, -502 and –12, as part of the company’s RS series.

DuPont( has HFC-438A, marketed by the company as Isceon® MO99™. The company said the refrigerant combines similar R-22 pressure-enthalpy characteristics with mineral oil compatibility in a refrigerant that can be used to replace R-22 over a wide range of evaporator temperatures.

Honeywell( reported on the development HFC-407F (marketed as Proformax LT) designed for retrofits of R-22 in low temperature applications. The company also reported on continuing work on HFO-1234yf with the possibility of the alternative to HFC-134a being introduced to the European automotive market beginning with the 2012 model year. The potential for R-1234 being used in stationary applications also continues to be explored.

ICOR International( offers an alternative to R-22. HFC-422B is marketed by the company as NU-22B®. The company described the refrigerant as one of the safest and most practical options. NU-22B closely matches R-22’s operating characteristics, is ASHRAE designated and safety classified A1. NU-22B is available through stocking wholesale distributors nationwide.


Cliplight Mfg.( has introduced Flash™, a new class of ultra violet (UV) leak detection dye. Flash does not contain POE oil as a carrier, but instead uses Cliplight’s own Dry R™ drying agent, which keeps the dye stable and prevents it from crystallizing with moisture, the company said. Packaged in a vacuum-packed “one-time use can,” Flash uses Cliplight’s injection hose coupled with Dry R, allowing the dye to mist into the system for instant distribution.

Idemitsu Lubricants America( has a polyvinylther (PVE) oil to be used instead of POE oil in HFC equipment. According to the company, “The chemical chain on our PVE oil shows similar characteristics to mineral oil with both good lubricity and similar dielectric strength. In addition, the chemical structure’s side chain has characteristics of PAG oil, with good solubility and no hydrolysis.”

Neutronics’( Ultima ID Model RI-700H is a portable analyzer that identifies the type of refrigerant and helps avoid costly refrigerant mixing during consolidation and reclamation, the company said. It works on a variety of refrigerants, including HCFC- 22, and the HFCs -134A, -404A, -406A, -407C, and -410A as well as hydrocarbons. The manufacturer said it reduces the need for gas chromatography and delivers results in less than three minutes at an accuracy of +/-2 percent or better. According to Peter Coll, refrigerant analysis division manager for Neutronics Inc., “As new refrigerants are introduced to the market, the potential for mixing those refrigerants with the R-22 supply will increase and usher in a financial penalty that will affect all levels of distribution, from the contractor to the reclaimer. The Neutronics Ultima ID Pro HVAC/R Refrigerant Analyzer will help solve this problem.”

SPX’s( Promax RG6000 refrigerant recovery machine has been engineered to deliver the fastest overall ARI-740 certified refrigerant recovery rates in most conditions within a small portable unit, the company said. Said Tim Wagaman, product manager, A/C Tools & Equipment, “The new unit from Promax incorporates a proprietary dual cylinder oil-less compressor capable of handling both liquid and vapor refrigerant.”


Airtec Products Corp.( showcased its Big Foot Systems, a rooftop equipment mount that supports all types of HVACR equipment, ductwork, piping, and other building services products on flat roof applications without penetrating the roof membrane. It consists of 1.6-square-inch (40-mm) corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized tube modules supported by 1-square-foot (305-mm) UV-protected, glass-filled nylon footings with antivibration mat bases. It is available in three standard module packages or can be custom fabricated. Each footing has a vertical height adjustment range of 4 inches (100 mm) for easy leveling. Reroofing only requires removing one leg at a time to replace and lay new roofing membrane, eliminating disruption to building HVAC services.

Kinetics Noise Control( Model KSCR is a combination roof curb and vibration isolation system. Features include an internal seismic restraint, 100-mph wind restraint, 1- or 2-inch deflect springs, supply and return flexible connector support hardware. The system has an EPDM airtight and weathertight seal for nonducted applications. It has a high-profile, noninterference aluminum equipment rail and accessible, interchangeable springs. Options include multiple roof pitch interface, additional height, exterior thermal insulation, wind load restraint over 100 mph, and certification of seismic and wind load engineering. Acoustical treatments - 1-inch fiberglass absorber along inside perimeter of curb, 2-inch fiberglass in bottom of curb, and high-mass composite floating on bottom of curb - are also available options.

Leader Dampers & Louvers, a Division ofLeader Industries Inc.( displayed its Model DC-AGV aluminum gravity ventilator. It is designed specifically to meet the following Miami-Dade County test requirements and protocols: TAS 201-94 (large missile impact test), TAS 202-94 (uniform static air pressure test), and TAS 203-94 (cycle wind loading test). Features include hinging and removing capabilities, a bird screen, and water baffle. The maximum shell is 96 (w) by 144 (l) inches, and the minimum shell is 24 (w) by 24 (l) inches. Various finishes, such as enamel or kynar, are optional.

The gravity ventilator byThe Pate Co.( is self-contained and constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum. The intake hoods are designed with a 2 to 1 ratio, hood to throat. The exhaust hoods have a 1 to 1 ratio. The hood support structure is made of aluminum channel and fabricated in a manner to minimize airflow restriction. The standard throat height is 6 inches. Optional features include an insect screen; insulated interior; and galvanized, galvalume, or stainless steel construction.


Dexter + Chaney’s( Service Request Center is part of its Spectrum Construction Software. The new module provides single-screen access to all of the information required to handle a customer’s service request. New work orders can be created within seconds. When a call comes in, the customer service rep can view all of the information needed to handle the call on one screen; the list of equipment on-site, history of work performed, service contracts in force, customer’s credit status, and open purchase orders are visible in one place.

Emerson Climate Technologies’( Proact software, part of the Intelligent Store™ architecture, helps retailers remotely detect critical equipment failures, participate in demand response programs, and benchmark energy consumption. The managerial tool was developed for facility, maintenance, and energy executives in the supermarket industry. Its user interface intuitively integrates data from all enterprise controllers, as well as other sources, enabling retailers to understand where improvements are possible. Other capabilities include alarm management, energy monitoring-targeting, set point verification, and dispatch management.

Iconics( said FacilityWorX™ helps facility managers intelligently reduce cost, increase security, improve alarm response time, and achieve better energy efficiency. Its open standards software integration platform for existing building automation systems can integrate lighting, elevator, boiler, chiller, fire, generator, access control, and HVAC control systems into one operational console. It communicates via BACnet, Modbus, JCI N1, SNMP, LonWorks, and OPC with all major control systems. Features include an intuitive Web-enabled interface, native BACnet support, rich HVAC symbol library, redundancy support for critical applications, and more.

TheMaxwell Systems( Estimation Logistics software ties together estimates, labor needs, and cost analyses, helping contractors bid more accurately. It also saves time on paperwork. It includes software that automates the bidding process; comprehensive purchasing software; project management software; internal integration between estimating, purchasing, and accounting systems; and digital and digitized takeoffs.

Penta Business Analytics( offers Mobile Field Service programs, which allow field service technicians to record and automatically transmit work orders and job details from the field to the office, whether in a connected or disconnected environment. This helps accelerate the service-to-cash and payroll cycles, and eliminate unnecessary paperwork and redundant data entry. Prioritized work orders and assignments are sent via handheld mobile devices. The tasks are prepopulated with maintenance contract and warranty visibility, service history, and equipment lists.

TheWennsoft( Service Management Series now includes Internet mapping for Google and Bing maps. This can create technician routes, identify the closest technician to unassigned appointments, and print maps and driving directions, and save them as html files. Integration to an automated vehicle locator allows the ability to pinpoint a technician’s location. It also allows users to view existing assignments from the dispatch board (showing assigned, unassigned, single techs or teams); utilize multiple icons for home offices, tech vehicles, and appointment locations; and create routes, among other things.


Eagle Mountain( Eco Energy Management System is an intelligent climate control system for the residential and small commercial HVAC market. Eco is a browser-based system that can be monitored and controlled remotely, from any Internet connection, including a handheld device such as a PDA or iTouch. The system can interface with the National Weather Service data to adjust set points in anticipation of weather changes, and provides system health updates and reports errors to users via e-mail or text messaging. In addition, Eco accumulates historical data for analysis and generates real-time performance data. The Eco System enables consumers to reduce personal energy consumption and delivers a unique and fully integrated alternative-energy HVAC solution.

EnOcean( GreenOne LT-9901 is a self-powered, wireless controller with solar cells and sensors that use a new energy harvesting technology for wireless sensors. EnOcean’s technical breakthrough was to reduce the energy needed to transmit a signal to an incredibly small amount. A simple example is that of energy harvesting wireless switches and sensors, which can even operate inside buildings where light levels are extremely low, yet still send a wireless signal. The product is one that is offered as part of the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of 130 companies from the building sector that share the common goal of standardizing wireless control systems for sustainable building applications.

Honeywell( Prestige is a high-definition, full-color thermostat, the industry’s first according to the manufacturer. It features customizable service reminders to increase service call revenue by allowing contractors to edit pre-loaded reminders or enter custom reminders that automatically alert the homeowner for fall and spring service. The thermostat controls humidification, dehumidification, and ventilation, and allows for additional drop and timer options, thus reducing the amount of backup heat needed while also eliminating balance point control for geothermal systems. Homeowners can also program the thermostat to adjust to utility company time-of-day pricing, automatically adjusting the home’s temperature when prices are at their highest. Its built-in wireless technology allows it to communicate with other Honeywell RedLink™ wireless devices including the Portable Comfort Control, a hand-held device that senses temperature in any room of the house that gives homeowners the control to adjust temperature from anywhere in the house.

ICM Controls( SimpleComfort® SC7000 programmable thermostat is an in-home energy display and load control featuring two LCD displays. One provides current utility rate energy pricing information, and the other displays traditional thermostat read-out information. The SC7000 also features an advanced radio platform with ZigBee Smart Energy Profile for communication with Smart meters, and offers traditional 7-day programming, multi-stage heat/cool with auto changeover, and adjustable temperature differential for each stage.


General Tools & Instruments( introduced a line of Seeker™ video inspection systems. The Seeker 200 features a 2.4-inch color LCD monitor for real-time viewing, with a 12-mm flexible camera-tipped probe that retains its configured shape for inspecting hard-to-reach areas such as heat exchanger tubing. The camera features a 60-degree field of view and a depth of field ranging from 1-11.8 inches. Optional 1-, 2-, or 3-m probe extensions can be added to extend the length up to 5 m (16.4 feet). The Seeker 300 has the same features in addition to a larger 3.5-inch color LCD monitor. The Seeker 400 wireless, data logging video series offers fully-featured video scope that includes a detachable 3.5 inch color LCD monitor for remote viewing up to 10 m (32.8 feet.) away. The user can record still images or up to three hours of video, stored on a 1GB micro SD card.

Lenox( tight space tubing cutters only require a minimal 1/2-inch clearance to cut copper pipe. Three sizes are available: 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch, also as a three-piece kit featuring all sizes. All cutters are color-coded for easy tool recognition and cuttingTIF direction.

SpeedClean( The BucketVac™ turns any standard 5-gallon bucket into a lightweight, commercial-grade wet/dry vacuum. The vacuum pump head snaps in place and comes with one bucket, a 2-inch by 2-foot flexible hose that extends to 6 feet., three standard filters, and six other accessory tools for wet/dry pickup. When in need of extra capacity, just swap in another standard 5-gallon bucket. BucketVac boasts a 100 cfm, 60-inch lift, and a 1-hp motor.

TIF®(, an SPX® brand, unveiled its TIF3880, a digital scope with video output. It comes with a distal video camera at the end of a water-resistant shaft used for the internal inspection of HVAC systems, without costly demolition or disassembly. Measuring only 10 millimeters in diameter, the 72-inch Staylock™ shaft is ideal for probing hard-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight, enabling the inspection specialist to visually examine the inside of furnace cabinets, heat exchangers, ducts, and pipes for signs of cracking, metal wear/fatigue, water leaks, and overheating. The 2.5-inch full color LCD screen allows the user to observe live video. The scope is battery-powered and offers five hours of operating time on four AA batteries included in kit purchase. It comes in a protective case and includes a clip-on mirror attachment that enables the technician to see 90 degrees to axis of the shaft; a magnetic pickup attachment for convenient operation, and a one-year warranty.


Ford( Transit Connect combines the room and versatility of a van with the efficiency of a large car. It is almost 1,500 pounds less than a full-size van, enabling it to achieve 22 mpg city/25 mpg highway. The small van is 15 feet, 1-inch bumper to bumper, 6 foot 8-inch high, and 7 feet wide. The two-seat Transit Connect provides for a 50/50 split rear doors that swing open 180 degrees with an option for a 255 degree swing, two sliding side doors, a 6 foot long inside bed, and rear entry dimensions of 4 feet 11-inches tall by 4 feet, 11-inches wide. Capacity is 135 cubic feet. The van is also available with optional Ford Work Solutions™, which includes full function computing, telephone, Internet, and navigation capability.


Bard Mfg. Co.( introduced its over-and-under packaged air conditioners and heat pumps, which feature 13 SEER cooling efficiency (7.7 HSPF for the heat pumps). The unique over-and-under design provides an exact replacement for niche retrofit applications, thereby minimizing installation costs. The self-contained design means all components are located in one compact cabinet, which requires no inside installation space. Engineered components such as the ECM indoor blower results in low sound levels, consistent air delivery performance, and soft-start capabilities. Optional electric heat strips allow maximum installation versatility.

Klimaire( featured its new CSM/CRM condensing units, which include high-efficiency compressors, copper tube/aluminum fin coils, and a unique sound control design. The units are available in 13 and 14 SEER efficiencies and come with a 10-year parts warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty. The units’ heavy galvanized steel cabinets have a protective coating that can stand more than 500 hours of salt spray test, according to the company. The units have one service panel with fully exposed refrigerant connections for ease of access and service.

Napoleon Home Comfort( introduced its 14 SEER air conditioners and heat pumps, which feature high-efficiency scroll compressors. The 1.5 to 5 ton air conditioners have a high quality compressor sound blanket and are equipped with a liquid liner. The heat pumps also have a high-quality compressor sound blanket and are equipped with high-low pressure switches and top-side maintenance access and service ports, which are accessible while the units are operating.

Texas Furnace( showcased its new 14.5 SEER air conditioners, which feature a compact design and powder painted galvanized steel case with fully louvered exterior. Other benefits of the units include sound absorbing injection molded top cap, high-efficiency microchannel condensing coil, easy access brass service valves, and one footprint for 1.5 to 5 ton sizes. The units are easy to service with single screw access to the electrical panel. The air conditioners come with a 10-year limited compressor warranty and a five-year limited warranty on all functional parts.


Addison( UHA-Series are gas-fired, power-vented unit heaters with a tubular heat exchanger. The units, from 30,000 to 385,000 Btuh, provide a minimum of 82 percent thermal efficiency. UHA-Series units are available in non-separated or separated combustion chamber models, as well as with aluminized or stainless steel heat exchangers. For indoor installation only, the unit heaters may be shelf mounted or suspended from above. These units are often installed for heating entryways or used for summer air circulation.

Louisville Tin & Stove Co.( showed the new Cozy Wind-O-Warm direct vent gas-fired heater. It is said to be ideal for efficiently heating rooms that need zone temperature control and are short on space. The heater can be installed through-a-window or through-a-wall. It comes in two models: 20,000 and 40,000 Btu. The grille face extends only 3 inches into the room. Used for cold spots or anywhere space is at a premium, applications include single and multifamily dwellings, manufactured housing, high-rise, and commercial buildings.

Gastite corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) fromTiteflex Corp.( is flexible gas piping that supplies natural gas or liquefied petroleum (LP) gas to appliances. Flexibility means quick and easy installation, says the company, and simple hand tools such as tubing cutters, wrenches, and utility knives are all that is needed to work with the components. With its patent-pending multi-point seal, the XR2 fittings’ sealing surface does not sit on the cut end, so the system is cut tolerant and will still deliver a tight seal. The patented Jacket-Lock® eliminates exposed stainless steel beyond the nut.


ABB Inc.( showcased its Model ACS320. The company’s new drive is designed for fast installation and commissioning, particularly for HVAC pump and fan applications. The addition to ABB’s AC drive family ranges from 0.5-30 hp (0.37-22 kW). The drive is fitted with a set of features that fulfill pump and fan application needs, complemented with advanced, energy-efficient functionality built into every unit. Built-in PID controllers are used to vary the drive’s speed, in response to changes in pressure, flow, or other external data, which modifies the drive’s performance according to the needs of the application. The controllers can eliminate the need for an external PLC.

Airtec Products Corp.( introduced Novent® locking refrigerant caps at the show. These caps seal standard Schraeder service valves on all central ac units and mini-splits to help prevent refrigerant leakage. It requires single screw-on installation with a specific type of key available only to licensed HVAC technicians at distribution centers. They come in three colors - silver, pink, and green. The caps can be color-coded to refrigerant types to prevent refrigerant gas mixing.

A.O. Smith( featured its Comfort Series models of motors. Available at three product levels - Premium Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Comfort Select - all three of these motor lines offer constant speed, constant torque, and ramp rates. The Premium Comfort and Comfort Plus models also have constant airflow features, PWM control input, and full variable operation. Exclusive to Premium Comfort models are a 0-10 volt control input, serial communications for control, a 16-pin thermostat input, and multivoltage input power. A software suite is available for the motors. It provides the capability to program motors in the production setting and development setting as well.

TheBaldor Electric Co.( Super-E motor/ac drive product is used to create improvements in safety, reliability, efficiency, and noise reduction for cooling tower applications. The cooling tower drive controller and RPMAC permanent magnet motor are designed to drop directly into existing gearbox mounting patterns, and designed to replace conventional mechanical gear or belt drive speed reduction designs. According to the manufacturer, benefits include increased efficiency and power factor performance; operation at an optimal efficiency point with variable-speed control; and fewer mechanical parts, which results in increased system reliability.

Bell & Gossett, a brand of ITT Corp., ( introduced two new low-flow automatic balance valves featuring a unique field adjusted cartridge that allows the user to select exact flows for specific applications. The Low Flow Wye-Strainer and the Low Flow Circuit Sentry™ are designed for automatic flow limiting-style balancing of both HVAC cooling and heating circuits. Low Flow Wye Strainer (UBYL) valves feature removable stainless steel mesh strainer, a drain valve with hose fitting for blow down and drainage, and a bypass option for three-way control valves. Low Flow Circuit Sentry valves feature a pressure-independent flow limiter that is not affected by changes in the system pressure, field adjustable flows between 0.25-3.8 gpm, low accuracy of ±5 percent of flow setting, and removable flow cartridge.

Danfoss( rolled out its new EcoFlow™ valve. By detecting imbalances in the individual circuits, the EcoFlow system corrects uneven refrigerant distribution and reduces superheat temperature, resulting in a consistently stable superheat level in each circuit that then enables near-perfect performance in the entire evaporator, regardless of type. In addition, the EcoFlow is equally applicable in systems ranging between 1- and 7-tons capacity.

Eaton Corp.( displayed its new M-Max™ Series machinery drives that offer increased system efficiency, reliability, and product life, according to the manufacturer. The series has a compact design, torque response, and simple handling. The M-Max Series of sensorless vector adjustable-frequency drives include both single- and three-phase devices. They are designed for a wide range of applications, including conveyor belts, transport drives, machine building, as well as pumps and fans. Because the M-Max series produces significantly less heat than similar units, it is able to increase efficiency and the life of the product, according to the manufacturer. The line uses a 32-bit microprocessor and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) that provide quiet motor operation, high motor efficiency, and smooth low-speed performance.

Emerson Climate Technologies( announced the launch of a complete line of high efficiency; variable speed electronically controlled motor (ECM) solutions for residential and light commercial air-moving applications. These motors provide OEMs with a full range of ECM solutions. Specifically highlighted was the SelecTech™ Indoor ECM Blower Motor. This five-speed motor has 24 V programmable speed taps for easy integration into common blower and air handler systems. Also highlighted was the SelecTech™ Outdoor ECM condenser fan motor. This two-speed ECM motor is designed for high SEER a/c and heat pump systems with two 24-volt programmable speed taps. Other models include the UltraTech® communicating variable speed blower motor, the 16X4W 16 Pin ECM Solution, and the Rescue EcoTech® Retrofit ECM blower motor.

Honeywell( introduced its next generation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) with the SmartVFD HVAC and bypass. They are designed to maximize energy savings in commercial buildings and to operate effectively as a key component of an efficient building. Key features include an easy-to-use keypad and graphic interface that delivers menu-driven programming and monitoring for fast, uniform commissioning; built-in communications with BACnet®, N2, and Modbus, which translates into a lower total installed cost and reliable communications with the building management system; and PC software wizards that guide commissioning, programming, and troubleshooting. The SmartVFD bypass is sleek, small, light, and cost-effective, said the company. For system-critical applications, it is available in several configurations, including fused disconnect, and two and three contactors.

Maxitrol( introduced the EXA Star Series. These are highly accurate and precise modulating control valves that enable repeatable process control with minimal hysteresis throughout the entire range of modulation. The valves’ high-fire setting and low-fire setting, or the mechanical stroke, is user programmable thereby enabling multiple output characteristics. The entire process is controlled by a built-in controller that provides a seamless interface with any process controller. Custom output characteristics can be implemented by request for an even greater level of sophistication in the final control settings.

McQuay International( showcased the Daikin McQuay Pathfinder™ air-cooled chiller with a variable-frequency drive (VFD) option on high- and premium-efficiency models. The new VFD option makes the Pathfinder the industry-leading model for part load efficiency and the quietest published performance, providing building owners optimum operating costs and comfort throughout the life of the chiller, said the company. Chiller unit capacities range from 175 to 530 tons, with three levels of operating efficiency - Standard, High, and Premium. The unit allows building owners to specify an HVAC system that exactly meets their requirements. The Standard-efficiency model meets ASHRAE 90.1 energy requirements, while the High and Premium models have best-in-class efficiency, according to McQuay. The optional VFD provides cost savings at part load on the High- and Premium-efficiency models, with up to 19.4 EER IPLV for the Premium-efficiency unit.

Sporlan, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp., ( introduced the iSpeed Inverter Series of drive systems for refrigeration compressors, fans, and pumps. The series is a total system solution consisting of hardware, designed and proven software, and guidelines for designing the most efficient system possible. It provides stable suction pressures that ensure proper product temperature, even at higher suction pressures. It provides higher COP factor under partial-load conditions and operation at a higher evaporation temperature with the same refrigeration capacity. A reduction of switch-on current surges and smooth buildup of supply current helps save energy. The company also showcased the new SER-C electric expansion valves. Designed to provide reliable operation in the harsh conditions of refrigeration applications, its 2,500 steps of resolution provide precise control in a robust, compact, and cost-effective package, said the company.

Victaulic( announced the availability of the Tour and Andersson differential pressure controller designed for use in variable flow HVAC systems at the show. The controller gives engineers and balancing contractors increased control over temperatures, as well as reduced noise in the system and simplified balancing, commissioning, and maintenance procedures. It effectively minimizes noise from temperature control valves because it takes up the excess pressure and vents the system. The controllers also feature balanced plugs and a high time-constant that prevents plugs from vibrating at audible frequencies. Unlike temperature control valves, differential pressure control valves are located far from tenants further reducing the potential for noise. It is available in sizes 1/2-2 inches/15-50 mm (Series 793) with threaded end connections and in sizes 2-4 inches/65-100 mm (Series 794) with ANSI Class 150 flanged end connections.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc.( announced the new E7S slim configured package providing an E7 drive in a space-saving NEMA 1 package that can accommodate several common options, such as circuit breakers, filters, reactors, etc. The unit has been designed for flexibility in providing features and options commonly specified by facility designers and includes, as standard, an input disconnect. E7S ratings are 208 V, three phase, 1-40 hp and 480V, three phase, 1-100 hp. Available options include 65-kA circuit breaker disconnect, a 100-kA circuit breaker disconnect, an input filter, a 3 or 5 percent line impedance, an engraved nameplate, a pneumatic pressure transducer that is 3-15 psi, 4-20mA analog output(s), and network communication including BACnet, APOGEE FLN, Metasys N2, EtherNet/IP, LonWorks, and Modbus.


Arzel( introduced the Evergreen Zoning system provides blower speed control based on zone capacity requirements. It controls the volume of delivered air, virtually eliminating the need for a bypass damper while maximizing comfort and IAQ, the company said. The zoning system marries the efficient ECM technology with the ability to deliver the right volume of air to only the areas that need it.

EnOcean( wireless technology is able to generate a signal of considerable range from a small amount of energy, the group said. A standard EnOcean wireless module can transmit a signal 300 meters (in a free field) from 50 microwatts. The wireless standard features high reliability, long range, and low energy needs. It combines energy harvesting with wireless technology to enable smart wireless sensors for use in simple as well as complex system architecture.

Spartan Peripheral Devices( ME8300 wireless syncube actuator can be installed on many Spartan two- and three-way zone-control valve bodies with different connections. The commercial-type valve bodies are designed for use on hot and chilled water, up to 50 percent glycol mix, and low-pressure steam systems. Each body is coupled with long-life, replaceable and interchangeable internals. The actuator is designed to communicate with other devices based on the EnOcean protocol. The actuator’s mechanical gearbox is designed for more than 500,000 cycles. It can be integrated in an autonomous zone system (per room) or part of a large network.

Zonefirst( quiet zone dampers feature an opposed blade damper design, quiet operation, plug-in motor wiring, a long-life motor, and a 100-foot plenum-rated cable. It can control up to 10 outlets per zone, and is 2.25 inches deep. They are available in all outlet sizes and insert into the rectangular/square outlet opening. Each damper is operated by plug-in damper motors. Standard sizes range from 4 by 10 through 6 by 14; other sizes are available.

Publication date:02/15/2010