TORONTO - ecobee has released a new iPhone and iPod Touch app for the ecobee Smart Thermostat. With the application, which is free of charge, Smart Thermostat owners can now use an iPhone or iPod Touch to remotely adjust the thermostat’s temperature, schedule or update a vacation event, change the system and/or fan operating settings, and receive alerts. This application converts the screen of the device to a clone of the Smart Thermostat interface. With the app, ecobee said users can adjust their homes’ climate control settings at anytime from anywhere to ensure their home comfort.

“We view the iPhone and iPod Touch app for our ecobee Smart Thermostat as yet another step down the path of ‘green made easy,’” said ecobee founder and CEO Stuart Lombard. He added, “This technology makes it even easier for our customers to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort. We’d like to thank our loyal ecobee users who are constantly providing feedback and encouragement. Their active participation helps us create and introduce innovations that continue to revolutionize climate control solutions for the residential market.”

ecobee worked with mobile application developer Five Mobile to design and build the application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, a firm that specializes in content development for smart phone platforms. “ecobee chose Five Mobile based on their experience and expertise in the mobile space,” said Lombard.

The Smart Thermostat iPhone and iPod Touch app is available online at the iTunes Store.

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Publication date:12/14/2009