The Series 40 single packaged unit features a cooling capacity of 25-40 tons and HFC-410A refrigerant. It provides versatile heating and cooling, including cooling only, cooling/gas heating (natural gas or propane), cooling/electric heat, cooling/hot water heat, and cooling/steam heat. Features include scroll compressors, multiple refrigeration circuits for greater turndown and unloading capabilities, a broad range of airflows and static pressures for most any application, demand-based ventilation control using CO2 sensing for improved IAQ, and smoke purge to automatically ventilate space when smoke is detected. Durability and maintenance features include preinstalled rain hoods that rotate into place, rigid sheet metal inner liner to keep insulation out of the airstream, double-wall construction with galvanized sheet metal liner to protect against microbial growth, and service access with hinged and latched doors on both sides of the unit. Factory-installed options, such as economizers, power exhaust, high-efficiency motors, high-efficiency filtration, high-capacity evaporator coils, and single-point power, make this HVAC single packaged commercial unit even more versatile and efficient, says the company. According to the company, integrated, pre-engineered, and installed controls make start-up and commissioning of the Series 40 simple.

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