COLUMBUS, Ohio - The American School of Technology (AST) partnered with Lowe’s Corp. The company will sponsor AST’s HVACR program.

“Lowe’s Corporation allows us to expand our program’s value in numerous ways, as they will be a preferred provider of materials and supplies, will have a seat on our program advisory board, and will work in conjunction with our instructors to give our students exposure to live applications and numerous contractors that use Lowe’s for their materials and supplies” said Timothy Campagna, AST president.

AST’s longstanding HVACR program, approved by the National Center for Construction Educational and Research (NCCER), is task oriented, so every student undergoes written and performance-based learning. This hands-on approach prepares AST’s students for employment in various HVACR field positions.

“Our school is committed to working with our strategic partners who positively impact our students for HVACR industry training and employment,” said Scott Cohen, AST vice president. “We look forward to closely working with Lowe’s as well as our other corporate partners, including Trane, Lennox, Honeywell, and Parker Sporlan to help us continue to enjoy outstanding HVACR industry professional relationships.”

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Publication date:12/28/2009