PORT HURON, Mich. - Online-Access, a Web services provider specializing in contractor industries, has developed a system for capturing audio testimonials from customers and posting them online. Named BoastHost, the system works with any Website, according to the company.

BoastHost lets field personnel use their cell phone to capture positive feedback onsite.

Contractors can then easily review, organize, and select comments to publish online in multiple ways throughout their Website. Playlists promoting the company or specific products or services can be created or updated as new messages are received and approved. According to the company, playlists are easily inserted to Web pages or online ads along with a mini-player by which visitors can listen to them.

“For less than 10 cents a day, BoastHost lets you bottle word-of-mouth advertising to add a new dimension of selling power to your Website,” said Dave Squires, president, Online-Access. “It makes it easy to capture and use the enthusiasm of your existing customers to gain the confidence of those considering a given product, service, or which company to use.”

For more information, visit www.boasthost.com.

Publication date:12/14/2009