The AirForce™ 500i and AirForce™ 700i are portable inverter-based air plasma cutters. They come with a 16.5-foot ergonomic hand-held torch and extra replacement tips (two tips, two electrodes), and a convenient cable management strap for easy transportation. The AirForce 500i requires a 3-cfm gas flow/pressure at 90-120 psi. The AirForce 700i requires 4.8 cfm at 90-120 psi. Features include Wind Tunnel Technology™, which keeps dust and metal particles from damaging internal components; Fan-On-Demand™, which reduces the amount of airborne material pulled through the unit by turning on the cooling fan only when needed; and LVC™ line voltage compensation, which maintains a steady arc with full cutting output, even with “dirty” power, where the voltage varies by up to 15 percent. The AirForce 500i can plug into 115- or 230-vac power receptacles. According to the company, it offers exceptional cutting performance on sheet metal and 3⁄8-inch mild steel and can sever 5⁄8-inch steel as well. The AirForce 700i, operating on 230-V input power, offers a 1/4- to 5⁄8-inch rated cut on mild steel and can sever up to 7⁄8 inch (steel).

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