(right) Roy Weaks, senior vice president at A-D and Sharon Dunigan, account executive for BlueVolt give Charlie Murray (center), CEO of Murray Supply, the BlueVolt award for the distributor with the highest enrollments for Knowledge@Noon in the plumbing, PVF, and HVAC category.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Winners in five divisions claimed their Knowledge@Noon awards during BlueVolt’s A-D North American Meetings. Knowledge@Noon is a live online training and marketing event hosted by BlueVolt that brings together A-D manufacturers and affiliates to drive sales of selected manufacturer products. Awards were issued in multiple divisions including: plumbing; pipes, valves, and fittings (PVF); HVAC; electrical United States and Canada; and industrial.

In the plumbing, PVF, and HVAC divisions, the winning distributor was Murray Supply, which had 11.2 enrollments and 9.7 completions per employee. Stephan Spearman, an employee of distributor Eastern Industrial Supplies Inc., was the individual winner with 40 enrollments and 39 completions.

The winning companies were presented with glass plaques at their respective A-D North American Meetings and the distributor employees received a certificate and 100 $BlueBucks to honor their accomplishments. $BlueBucks are reward points redeemable by participants who complete training on BlueVolt.

“We are very excited to recognize and reward those who have had success with A-D’s Knowledge@Noon program,” said Sharon Dunigan, account executive at BlueVolt. “We know it to be a very effective way for A-D affiliates to improve their knowledge and ultimately sell more products.”

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Publication date:02/08/2010