In December, President Obama proposed a new program that would reimburse homeowners for energy-efficient appliances and insulation, part of a broader plan to stimulate the economy. Under the program, widely called Cash for Caulkers, a homeowner could receive up to $12,000 in rebates for investments in home weatherization. According to the Air Barrier Association of America, a typical 2,500-square-foot home has more than a half-mile of cracks and crevices. The resulting air leakage accounts for 25 to 40 percent of energy used for heating and cooling the average home, according to U.S.-government estimates.

Looking to help contractors take advantage of the new incentives while increasing consumer home comfort, Honeywell launched its Honeywell Enovate™PRO Contractor Program. Designed to help contractors expand their business offerings in the area of air sealing and weatherization for home and buildings, the program features new Honeywell products, including energy-efficient foam insulation and sealants, as well as professional development training, ultimately helping program participants become authorized Honeywell EnovatePRO contractors.

“There is growing interest in making the building envelope at homes more energy efficient, as evidenced by President Obama’s ‘Cash for Caulker’ program proposal,” said Bryan Magnus, business manager for weatherization products and services at Honeywell. “The EnovatePRO program is specifically designed to help a range of professionals, including HVAC and home energy contractors, insulation and roofing contractors, and renovators, to offer a broader range of solutions for home and building owners seeking more energy efficiency.”


The Honeywell EnovatePRO Contractor Program will feature products specifically designed to allow contractors to perform air sealing and weatherization work. The product line will include Enovate™PRO brand Insulating Foam Sealant, which will be available in both cans and two-component kits, as well as a complete line of weather-stripping and caulks to provide contractors with all the products necessary to properly air seal a house or commercial building.

One of these specific products is the Enovate™ Insulating Foam Sealants designed specifically for HVAC contractors. The low-expansion formula foam sealant is available in eight-ounce and 20-ounce cans, as well as in a six-pack of eight-ounce cans, for applications such as insulating around wall penetrations and sealing air ducts. The 20-ounce cans will also come with a second straw to extend the life of the cans.

“This product was designed with the contractor in mind,” explained Magnus. “The eight-ounce and 20-ounce cans allow contractors to choose the right size can for the job, and the ability to get multiple uses out of each can means contractors will get the most product for the dollar.”

The sealants function to fill in gaps and insulate. The low-expansion formula helps minimize mess and clean up and allows contractors not to worry about damage that could be caused by overexpansion of foam in critical areas, said the company. The one-component polyurethane foam sealant is specially formulated for higher yield, up to 165 linear feet per ounce applied as a quarter-inch bead.

Enovate Sealant comes with a reusable straw, allowing a contractor to snip off an inch of the straw to start the next application. The 20-ounce can comes with a second reusable straw. The six-pack of eight-ounce cans, designed for easy storage in a truck or warehouse, also comes with gloves specifically designed to protect hands during use.

Honeywell is introducing the sealant to coincide with the launch of the EnovatePRO Contractor Program.


Equipped with knowledge of the energy leaks and the proper tools, contractors can now prepare to begin offering weatherization to their customers. Honeywell offers this preparation in the form of training and professional development that will include training on analyzing the building envelope, methods and products for air sealing and weatherization, as well as health and safety best practices. Contractors who complete the training will be certified by Honeywell, as well as by Building Performance Institute (BPI).

Contractors who complete the program will become authorized Honeywell EnovatePRO contractors and will have access to Honeywell materials.

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Publication date:02/22/2010