TROY, Mich. -The NEWS’Career Center, provided in cooperation with HVAC Agent, now allows users to review HVACR wages for their area. On both the Career Center-Employers page and the Career Center-Job Seekers page, HVAC Agent is providing a salary survey engine with real-time wage data pulled from job seeker profiles.

The user can query the last 12 months of candidate profiles for HVACR industry jobs, selecting a specific zip code and radius around it, position type, industry sector (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), and years of experience to find out the low/high/average annual salary and hourly rate for each. It’s the only salary survey specific for the HVACR industry.

To access the HVACR salary survey engine, go to the Career Center-Employers page byclicking here, or go to the Career Center-Job Seekers page byclicking here.

Publication date:08/10/2009