For the better part of 20 years, most of the HVAC industry has relied on Genteq™ ECM motors to deliver comfort, efficiency and reliability to the market. But up until recently, a large and important part of the industry – the high voltage market – was missing out on the full benefits of Genteq ECM technology. The need was certainly there, and the concept was simple: to create an integrated ECM that could be directly applied to a 460V HVAC system and bring simplicity, efficiency and reliability to the OEM, contractor and end user.

Our goal was to design a motor that functioned and looked like the original X13, in order to make it as easy as possible for OEMs to install and contractors to service. However, we were challenged by the fact that the larger components required for the high voltage product added length to the motor, making it too long to fit into restrictive spaces.

The solution to this included a new, patent-pending design that minimizes the components’ length issues. We absolutely packed the X13-sized motor housing with great features: improved electronic control re-engineered for high voltage, 6kV protection, and Inverter Duty Magnet Wire to improve reliability at higher voltages, to name a few. The finished product looks and functions like the X13, but under the hood it’s completely different.

The result is the 460V X13 motor, the world’s first variable-speed ECM specifically designed for commercial 460V HVAC applications. ECM technology is now available for high voltage applications without the need for a bulky step-down transformer.