(left to right) Neil Pilaar, AERCO vice president of Sales, Congressman Scott Garrett, Dan Quigley, AERCO vice president of Marketing; and Gary Schlegal, AERCO vice president of Finance, took a moment to commemorate the Congressman’s visit to AERCO.

NORTHVALE, N.J. - Rep. Scott Garrett, R-N.J.05, toured AERCO International’s Northvale facilities on Aug. 7. During his visit, Garrett praised AERCO for its innovative designs and leadership position in developing high-efficiency commercial boilers and water heaters that can reduce operating costs and lower fuel usage, making them environmentally friendly options for HVAC systems.

“Energy efficiency has been the exclusive focus of AERCO since the company opened its doors in 1949. Today, our boilers and hot water heaters are the standard by which all others are measured,” said Gary Schlegel, AERCO vice president of Finance, part of the management team that welcomed Garrett to the AERCO facilities.

Garrett has long been a strong advocate for the environment. As an active member of the Congressional Wildlife Refuge Caucus, as well as the Land Conservation Caucus, Garrett has a solid record as a supporter of environmental protection.

“I just count my blessings that I am in a position to lend a voice of advocacy to the issue of environmental preservation,” Garrett said. “Innovations such as those developed by AERCO are part of the solution to our energy challenges and I applaud them for their efforts.”

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Publication date:09/07/2009