The video inspection scope (TIF3880) is designed for remote inspection of areas generally inaccessible to the naked eye. It comes with a distal video camera at the end of a water-resistant shaft used for the internal inspection of HVAC systems, interior structures of walls, and many other applications. Measuring 10 mm in diameter, the shaft can be used for probing hard-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight, enabling the inspection specialist to visually examine the inside of furnace cabinets, heat exchangers, ducts, and pipes for signs of cracking, metal wear/fatigue, water leaks, and overheating. The 2.5-inch, full-color LCD screen allows the user to observe live video output from the distal camera for optional recording, and the autofocus camera helps keep the image clear and sharp. The LED light combined with the autofocus and sensitivity of the camera allows the operator to view objects as close as 1/4 inch. It comes in a protective case and includes a clip-on mirror attachment that enables the technician to see 90 degrees to axis of the shaft, a magnetic pickup attachment for convenient operation, and a one-year warranty.

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