The LoopLogix™ geothermal loop design software program includes the tools necessary for loop sizing and selection, cost comparisons, and return on investment calculations. It offers comparisons of up to six different systems, so contractors can compare yearly operating costs and estimated payback of systems with loop fields of different configurations. The program also allows comparisons between geothermal and other types of systems, such as gas heat and an air-to-air heat pump. It can also be used to compare any heating/cooling systems, such as gas vs. oil heating. Using the various selections and entered data, the software calculates the bore length required for the selected loop field, as well as operating costs for that system. The final analysis displays estimated annual operating costs, the difference between operating costs and installation costs for all the systems being compared, as well as the payback on investment in years. Once the system design is finalized, the program leads the user through creating a bill of materials for the job. This information can be shown in printed form and in graphs. A report can be printed for presentation to the customer; the first page can be customized with the contractor/dealer’s logo and company address.

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