TOLEDO, Ohio - Owens Corning has introduced EnergyComplete™ with Flexible Seal Technology, a whole home insulation and air sealing system. The new system is said to provide significant energy savings as well as being easy to use and affordable.

“Buildings are the number one user of energy in the U.S., consuming 40 percent of the country’s energy resources - more energy than industry and more than transportation,” said Karel Czanderna, group president Owens Corning Building Materials. “By delivering an energy efficiency system that meets the needs of homeowners and building professionals in performance, ease-of-use, safety, and affordability, we have a great opportunity to dramatically reduce energy use today for new homes being built and the existing 80 million under-insulated U.S. homes.”

Installed in two parts, the EnergyComplete system uses a new foam-based sealant to reduce air leakage, addressing a major source of energy loss, and Pink Fiberglas™ insulation to provide optimum thermal performance.

When used in new home construction, Owens Corning said the EnergyComplete system exceeds the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (2009 IECC) requirements by approximately 40 percent. Homeowners can save up to one-third on heating and cooling costs and will experience enhanced comfort with a 40 percent reduction in perceived exterior noises compared to closed-cell spray foam, said the company.

The EnergyComplete system also helps to provide consistent room-to-room temperatures and a reduction in the conditions that can lead to mold growth.

For existing homes, the EnergyComplete system can be installed in attics, basements, crawlspaces, or during a home addition or remodeling project. The system will help homeowners save on heating and cooling costs for the life of their home. Homeowners are also eligible for a 30 percent tax credit on the cost of the system for a maximum credit of $1,500 under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. Owens Corning said the EnergyComplete system is safe to install and can be applied while the house is occupied.

“Homeowners told us they want homes that are more energy-efficient and comfortable and resist mold growth,” said Tom Quigley, vice president and general manager, Owens Corning Residential Insulation. “Builders and contractors are eager to meet those demands but, until now, other options were prohibitively expensive, not easy to use, or did not provide a sealing solution for the life of the home. Contractors and builders across the country are already gaining business with the EnergyComplete system.”

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Publication date:08/10/2009