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The HVAC Guide is the first easy-to-use hand-held instrument that leads technicians step-by-step through important HVAC tests including Superheat, Subcooling, Target Evaporator Exit Temperature, and Combustion Analysis.

Contractors and supervisors appreciate the standardization of test procedures. Technicians use the HVAC Guide to perform the tests the same way, every time. It minimizes call-backs, reduces outside tech support and gives you a printable record of every test performed.

Operating the HVAC Guide is easy. The technician selects a test on the dial, fills out the INPUT FORM then reads results off the OUTPUT FORM. The results even tell the tech what’s wrong with the system.

Data can be entered automatically using Fieldpiece accessory heads, or manually using other equipment such as a standard gauge set. It holds up to 200 individual tests that are easily downloaded to a PC for work-order processing and customer tracking.

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