The 35-6xJ gas ignition controls directly replace discontinued Johnson Controls® Series G76x direct spark and G77x intermittent pilot gas ignition controls. Both of the company’s 35-6xJ Series controls match the footprint, mounting pattern, wiring connections, and ignition control timing sequence of the G76x and G77x models; customized timings for new applications are available. Series 35-60J is a 24-vac direct spark ignition control, and Series 35-63J is a 24-vac intermittent pilot (spark-to-pilot) ignition control. Available with either local or remote flame sensing, the models control the pilot and main gas valves, fire the spark electrode, and continuously monitor the flame to safely ignite and operate LP- or natural gas-fired equipment. Should the flame not be proven within the trial-for-ignition time, the control goes into lockout. Reset from lockout is either automatic after five minutes or by recycling the thermostat. Diagnostic blink codes from the onboard LED follow the manufacturer’s standard protocol to simplify troubleshooting. According to the manufacturer, the ignition controls provide the flame sense signal and high spark energy.

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