A clamp meter or amp clamp is a versatile, must-have for HVACR diagnostics, installations, and repair. Clamp meters generally have some multi-functionality - a clamp meter, a multimeter, and a thermometer capable of readings via an external Type-K thermistor/bead probe. We kept hearing from customers and at trade events that the complexity of HVACR systems demands other test functions as well. Taking that feedback back to the drawing boards, the Extech EX623 5-in-1 clamp meter emerged as one test tool that was truly “designed by the customer.”

In addition to standard clamp capabilities, the EX623 offers a built-in infrared thermometer, a patented Extech feature. Getting non-contact temperatures is ideal for readings along ducts, at vents, and at returns, especially spots that are hard to reach, have limited access, or present safety issues. Its integrated non-contact voltage detector - a.k.a. ticker or sniffer - is essential for checking that wires and components are not energized before starting repairs.

The EX623 is also upgraded to a dual-input Type K thermometer and offers a one-button “delta-T” differential temperature function. Most clamp-meters feature one Type-K thermocouple input which means you'll need a separate Type K thermometer to get that second simultaneous reading. In some cases, technicians use a separate dual input thermometer to take both readings. Having one tool to take temperatures at two different spots is ideal for sub-cooling and super-heat. Having it built into your clamp is invaluable.

The EX623 lets professionals keep one tool handy to get a variety of tasks done saving money and taking up less room in the toolbox. The EX623 won the Gold Industrial Electronics Innovation and Technology Award at Asia's biggest electronics event where judges remarked that winners not only demonstrated sophisticated product designs, but also reflected appealing value in this challenging economy.