MARIETTA, Ga. - As a participant in the Cobb County candy parade for kids, Casteel Heating and Cooling invested $2,400 in a bar stool go-cart kit and transformed a Trane XL16i air conditioner into a float entry. “Our goal was to elevate both the Trane and Casteel brands by standing out from the crowd, and from the feedback we’re receiving we accomplished our mission,” said John Hillis, vice president of Casteel Heating and Cooling. “When current customers call to make a service appointment, they’re mentioning the go-cart and we’re also receiving calls from potential customers that remembered us from the parade as well.”

In addition to positive feedback and hundreds of comments, Hillis wanted to share the go-cart idea with other Trane dealers as an example of being creative and looking for opportunities to elevate the brand from the competition. The company is looking to participate in other parades next year and have plans to turn a furnace into a sidecar for the go-cart.

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Publication date:11/16/2009