SAN DIEGO - Field Technologies has announced that Google Maps has been integrated into FieldLogix, its smart workforce management solution. According to the company, while FieldLogix was previously known as a GPS fleet tracking solution, enhancements such as the integration with Google Maps and Garmin navigation devices have allowed it to evolve into a solution that does more than just track vehicles.

Field Technologies said the integration with Google Maps now gives users more viewing capabilities. Google Maps display fleet vehicles’ current locations, speeds, and headings. They also provide live traffic flow information and incident icons that display current accidents and other road hazards. Dispatchers can use this information to re-route drivers away from congested areas to reduce time spent on the road. This helps companies increase revenues by allowing them to bill out more hours each day.

“We are proud to continue the process of working with best-in-class technologies. Rather than offering a one-dimensional GPS vehicle tracking solution, our goal with FieldLogix is to make it a solution that automates many processes for mobile employees. Our desire is to provide a valuable service to companies that want a solution that makes many aspects of their operation more efficient,” said Yukon Palmer of Field Technologies.

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Publication date:07/27/2009