ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has announced the release of Manual B, a training manual and field reference for testing and balancing (TAB) residential and commercial HVAC systems. The new manual is designed to help TAB technicians balance HVAC equipment in a sequence that speeds up and improves the balancing process. ACCA said the easy-to-follow procedures were developed by TAB experts, and follow sound practices under actual field conditions.

When TAB is completed using Manual B procedures, HVAC equipment will operate as designed, run efficiently, and provide occupant comfort, said ACCA. Numerous TAB experts were consulted during the writing of the manual so that it reflects the cumulative experience of a number of seasoned professionals.

Manual B covers:

• HVAC components from a TAB perspective;

• Available TAB tools;

• Documentation needed to begin and complete a TAB project;

• Applying the scientific principles of air to the TAB process;

• Balancing airflow; and

• Balancing hydronic systems.

The manual highlights problems encountered in the field and warnings on commonly-made mistakes. Additionally, technicians can use the information provided in the manual to improve their diagnostic skills and understanding of how HVAC systems operate.

Manual B provides sample forms that technicians can copy and use to document balancing procedures, as well as the equipment data needed to complete an organized and well-documented TAB report. It also includes guidance on the specific information that needs to be included in the final report.

To order Manual B, contact the ACCA bookstore by phone at 888-290-2220 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time, or order online at

Publication date:10/05/2009