With a space relying on 100 percent solar power and meeting more than 200 percent of

LEED’s Platinum requirements, Big Ass Fans could understand it is hard to imagine the Smog Shoppe improving its sustainability efforts. However, Los Angeles’ greenest event venue needed an air movement solution that not only complemented the already efficient design of the building, but also fit the aesthetic arrangement of the space. A 12-foot diameter Element™ by Big Ass Fans® was chosen - a combination of form and function designed specifically for conditioned spaces focused on sustainability.

After installing Element, all drafts and pockets of warm and cold air were eliminated, said the company. The fan allows the existing heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently and during the winter months, Element’s speed is reduced to effectively recirculate hot air that collects at the top of the 15-foot ceilings, creating even temperatures throughout the space. During summer months, Element helps distribute conditioned air for optimal efficiency of the HVAC system.

“Element maximizes the efficiency of our passive heating and cooling system, it is creating an even temperature inside,” said Miguel Nelson, owner of the Smog Shoppe. “When our fan is working really well, you don’t even know its working. And that’s the whole point – there are no drafts. The fan has such a calming effect on the human psyche.”