TROY, Mich. - A free hour-long Webinar titled “Forced Air Zone Controls” will take place on Aug. 13, at 1 p.m. EDT. Zoning in residential buildings is one of the fastest growing segments, and is nearly a must in all commercial buildings. In this Webinar you will learn about new trends regarding the most effective use of zoning principles, and discuss variable speed system interface and how zoning increases the performance of the variable speed system.

In addition you will be able to interact with the speakers and ask questions as you learn how to make customers more comfortable with proper airflow and balance within the zoning system, and proper duct design in order for the HVAC system to work at its maximum efficiency.

Zoning can help systems perform at their peak while increasing the comfort conditions of the living space.

Presenters include Mike Reilly, executive vice president, EWC Controls, and event moderator, Mike Murphy, editor-in-chief ofThe NEWS.

The event will be archived for 12 months for your viewing, but you must register prior to Aug. 13.

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Publication date:07/20/2009