NSBLite is a program to handle live dispatching and billing over the Web. Created for the HVAC industry, everything needed to manage the workforce and handle customers can be accessed from one screen. Dispatching, customer history, and invoicing are easily accessed on the Schedule Board. A Dispatching Wizard makes customer work order creation easy, says the company. Work order information is paged, e-mailed, or sent out as a text message to the technician assigned. Customers can receive their invoices via fax or e-mail. Service technicians have access to a specialized menu built for them, giving them access to their schedule for the day, customer history, and equipment information. Invoicing is done directly from the customer’s work order; labor and materials can be allocated to equipment for accurate service history. Live support is also a feature of NSBLite. A person can chat online with support and users within the person’s company over a secure instant messenger. Viewing user guides and help screens as well as joining discussions is also offered.

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