The Multi Ops™ 3AAA flashlight offers high-performance C4™ LED technology, ultraviolet leak detection capability, and a red laser pointer. It can be used for spotting a/c and fluid leaks in an HVAC system, for shining bright light in dark areas of a plant floor, or pinpointing a problem for a co-worker with the laser pointer. It features four different lighting modes: a C4 white LED only; the C4 LED, plus a red laser; the red laser only; and five ultraviolet LEDs for leak detection. Multi-Ops 3AAA allows the user to select the desired mode with an advanced rotary-mode switch, eliminating the need for cycling through different modes to find the needed function. According to the manufacturer, the five ultraviolet Nichia LEDs, with 390-nanometer output, offer maximum visibility and coverage over the range of commercially-used fluid leak detection dyes. The light also features a tail cap on-off switch, which can be used to operate the light in the standard manner or with a tactical grip.

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