RICHMOND, Va. - Linc Services is implementing a bundled energy solutions project that is projected to save Waynesboro Public Schools more than $500,000 annually in utilities and operational costs.

The project is beginning this spring and will reduce energy consumption in eight buildings. The scope of work covers the installation of new boilers, air handlers, and unit vents, as well as upgraded lighting, controls, and HVAC systems. As a result of the work performed, the program is estimated to save nearly $526,000 on annual utility, operational, and maintenance spending combined. The facility improvements and operational savings are projected to save the Waynesboro Public Schools $9.4 million during the life of the 15-year program. Linc’s program will also help Waynesboro Public Schools comply with State House Bill #1967.

“We are extremely excited to help Waynesboro Public Schools. The program will help neutralize the rising costs of running the district, and since this project pays for itself from the savings, there are no additional costs to the taxpayers,” said Bill Maurer, Linc’s vice president of bundled energy solutions. “Our program eliminates a lot of the risks to Waynesboro Public Schools. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Linc’s service professionals will be working on the following buildings: Waynesboro High School; Kate Collins Middle School; Berkley Elementary; Wenonah Elementary; Westwood Elementary; William Perry Elementary; Wayne Hills Elementary; and the school system’s central office. The project is scheduled to be substantially completed by the beginning of the 2009-10 school year. The full-coverage contract includes a preventive maintenance program covering all HVAC equipment and controls, thus eliminating the need for Waynesboro staff to service the equipment themselves.

“We needed a strong maintenance program provided by a proven partner,” said Waynesboro Schools Superintendent Dr. Robin Crowder. “We also needed a program that would produce cash flow on its own. Linc’s bundled energy solutions project meets both of these needs, and we are very confident they will upgrade our buildings to make them more energy efficient.”

Linc Services also plans to help Waynesboro Public Schools achieve certification from Energy Star. The Energy Star program scores the energy performance of commercial and industrial facilities on a 1-100 scale, with those facilities achieving a score of 75 or higher being eligible for the Energy Star distinction. Earning Energy Star certification means that a building is among the top 25 percent of facilities in the country for energy performance.

“This program will dramatically improve the overall performance of Waynesboro Public School buildings,” said Scott Giacobbe, Linc Network LLC president and CEO. “Utilizing best-in-class products and technology, Linc Services will work to make sure the buildings are operating at peak efficiency. Our green solutions are very environmentally friendly as well.”

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Publication date:06/01/2009