SECAUCUS, N.J. - Panasonic WhisperGreen Premium ceiling-mounted ventilation fans with SmartAction® Motion Sensor were specified products for two recent episodes of the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” television series.

The first show was filmed in Madison, Wis., and included Panasonic WhisperGreen ventilation fans, specified by Ed Scanlon of Madison Electric. WhisperGreen is the standard that Madison Electric specifies from the Panasonic Whisper Series of fans in homes built for Veridian Homes in Madison.

The second installation was for an episode airing in March 2009. This episode, shot in El Paso, Texas, specified the WhisperGreen Premium Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fan with SmartAction Motion Sensor. Javier Ruiz of Southwest Home Energy Raters specified the WhisperGreen ventilation. He noted that, “Panasonic Whisper Series of fans offer the best option for controlling indoor air quality.”

According to Panasonic, airtight green buildings bring many benefits but also unintended consequences.

“Energy-efficient, airtight homes lock in the bad air as well as the good,” said the company. As homes have been built increasingly airtight during the past 15 years, IAQ has suffered and this problem is not just relegated to new homes. The remodeling industry is also creating airtight building environments in older homes with new windows, caulking, insulation techniques, and house wrap materials.

With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listing poor IAQ as the fourth largest environmental threat in the United States, manufacturers like Panasonic are endeavoring to educate homeowners on IAQ issues as well as cost effective and efficient whole-home ventilation.

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Publication date:04/20/2009