Winners of theThe NEWS’sixth annual Dealer Design Awards’ HVAC Residential Equipment category are no stranger to innovation and thinking outside the box. Each company represented provided the industry with a new look at traditional heating and cooling methods.

Superior Radiant Products’ Series GR infrared heater relied on a balanced flue design for its gas fired infrared radiant heater to garner the gold award. The silver award went to Johnson Controls for its York® Affinity™ horizontal discharge condensing unit for its unique positioning capabilities. The bronze winner, LG Electronics USA Inc.’s Multi V Mini, impressed judges with its low noise, residential application.

Gold Winner: Superior Radiant Products’ Series GR Infrared Heater is a compact gas fired infrared radiant heater that features a balanced flue design.


Superior Radiant Products’ series GR infrared heater is a compact gas fired infrared radiant heater available in two sizes - 30,000 and 45,000 Btu. Available for natural gas or propane, the product features a balanced flue design. The flue pipe is concentrically inside the combustion air inlet pipe preheating the combustion air providing 82 percent plus thermal efficiency.

Specifically designed for residential garages, workshops, commercial entryways, and light industrial use, the optional outdoors cover contributes to its ideal use on patios, said the company. The unit offers contractors a low clearance to combustibles of only 2 inches above, and the choice of horizontal or vertical venting. Both provide application and placement flexibility.

Contractors should find this product easy to install. The GR infrared heater is factory preassembled. “Take it out of the box and hang it on supplied hooks,” said the manufacturer. “Connecting the venting, gas, and electrical is convenient with everything included in the box.”

The package includes a pre-assembled heater; 8 feet of venting, wall thimble, thermostat, gas flex connector, and ceiling suspension hardware. Options include a decorative grille kit, outdoor cover, and vertical vent adapter kit.

Service access is provided through the panel located on the bottom of the burner box. Electrical components are not in the airstream and the unit can continue running while servicing. The control module has an LED diagnostic feature and 24-V thermostat control. Factory warranty is three years on components.

After scoring this product, one judge said, “The description provided encourages me to want to try one.”

Silver Winner: The three-phase York® Affinity™ Horizontal Discharge Condensing Unit uses R-410A refrigerant.


Available in 2.5- to 5-ton models, the three-phase York® Affinity™ horizontal discharge condensing unit features MicroChannel aluminum coil technology, enhancing capacities and achieving efficiencies up to 15.6 SEER and 13.75 EER when coupled with a variable-speed indoor blower.

According to the company, the horizontal discharge condensing unit is ideal for virtually every residential or commercial application where: space is limited; aesthetics is a necessity; sound ordinances and proximity to neighbors demand ultra-quiet operation; corrosion resistance is required; and peak performance season after season is ensured. The corrosion-resistant coils provide maximum protection, especially in coastal applications.

When two units are required, they can be stacked on top of each other for zoned or larger cooling capacity applications. A high-efficiency scroll compressor and swept wing fan blade help reduce operating sounds to as low as 71 decibels. In addition, the unit features a factory supplied filter drier, an accumulator, and crankcase heater, high- and low-pressure switches, and 200-foot line set lengths. It uses R-410A refrigerant and is packaged in a heavy-gauge steel cabinet and tubular base rail for added support.

The compact slim-line design of the product allows for easy installation in tight spaces, including small yards and zero-lot-line homes. The stackable unit only requires a 6-inch clearance on either the air discharge or inlet. Installation time and costs are further reduced by easy power and control wiring connections. The compact unit requires minimal service and airflow clearances, allowing it to be positioned as close as 6 inches from an obstruction.

“Judging from the manufacturer’s claims, this equipment should find a routine niche,” noted one contractor judge. “I am impressed with the only 6 inches required for condenser air on the inlet and the outlet.”

Bronze Winner: LG Electronics USA Inc.’s Multi V Mini.


LG Electronics USA Inc.’s Multi V Mini is a heat pump designed for low noise operation in smaller residential applications. Using artificial intelligence control to obtain efficient operation and reduced noise, the Mini can be programmed to adjust its decibel output based on the time of day. The unit weighs 260 pounds and has a cooling capacity of 38,000-53,000 Btu. Operating with a variable-speed inverter, this heat pump has a total piping length of 984 feet with the longest individual piping length measuring at 492 feet.

According to the company, installation of the Mini is easy and efficient because of its small and compact size. Each outdoor unit has 486 square inches of footprint which is a 46 percent reduction in footprint area and a 52 percent reduction of volume in size compared to the standard Multi V. Further, Multi-V systems are modular with lightweight outdoor and indoor units that can be installed requiring no ductwork. Building height may also be reduced due to smaller plenum requirements. In addition, Multi-V is suitable for retrofitting historical buildings that do not have air conditioning, as there is no need for machine rooms because Multi-V condensing units are typically placed outdoors.

2009 Honorees: HVAC Residential Equipment

Superior Radiant Products
Series GR Infrared Heater

Johnson Controls
York® Affinity™ Horizontal Discharge Condensing Unit

LG Electronics USA Inc.
LG Electronics Multi V Mini

Publication date:07/13/2009