AZUSA, Calif. - Alliance Environmental Group, a provider of indoor air quality remediation and mold/asbestos removal services throughout California, has announced the expansion of its offering to include commercial and residential coil cleaning services aimed at increasing energy efficiency and air quality for its customers.

The company notes that cleaning the coils in an air conditioning system can result in a significant improvement in energy efficiency. It cites a research study that was performed at 1500 Broadway, a 34-floor building in New York City. Cleaning the coil of just a single air handler (one of four of the building’s total air handlers) resulted in energy efficiency improvements that forecasted a savings of approximately $40,000 annually. Apart from this, the coil cleaning process resulted in a 14 percent increase in airflow, added significant cooling capacity, and increased the thermal efficiency of the coil by 10 percent.

In addition, there were other “soft” positive results that resulted from the coil cleaning process. According to the study, HVAC systems are cleaner after coil restoration and do not provide an environment for fungal, bacterial, or microbial growth. The research also states that indoor air quality (IAQ) and the awareness of IAQ are increased in the building, which - in turn - can increase overall comfort and work effectiveness. According to the study, tenant satisfaction with the building did improve.

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Publication date:06/08/2009