Bob Roe, co-owner of Precision Plumbing & Heating Systems, Inc. is interviewed by a television reporter.

CEDAR, Mich. - In late 2007, Bob and Leslie Roe, co-owners of Precision Plumbing & Heating Systems Inc., Traverse City, Mich., were trying to figure out a way to give back to their community, a community that had helped support their growth over the company’s first nine years.

They came up with the idea of a makeover - choosing one local homeowner who needed a new HVAC system based on their extreme needs. In fact, the program was entitled the “Extreme Precision Makeover.”

“Our Trane representative was very much on board with the idea and was able to convince our Michigan DSO to support the idea by offering to supply the top of the line Trane equipment needed for the best solution possible,” said Leslie. “We advertised the makeover on multiple radio stations, through direct mail, flyers, and the newspaper.”

Precision eventually chose a winner who was nominated by her sister. Leslie and Bob visited the homeowner and upon seeing the very dangerous situation that she was living with, they felt that they just couldn’t walk away from this situation. “The furnace door was being held on with duct tape due to the fact that when in start up, the flame would roll out and cause the door to blow off,” Leslie said. “The furnace was very old and in an unfinished open hallway with wood and insulation within inches of this flame.”

Precision installed a two-stage variable-speed Trane furnace with a CleanEffects filtration system, and a two-stage heat pump, touchscreen thermostat, and repaired existing ductwork. The company also gave her a 10-year extended warranty so that she has that added peace of mind.

Scott Klco (left) and Jeremiah Warren begin tearing out an old, non-working furnace during the Extreme Precision Makeover.


This past year, Precision again rolled out its Extreme Precision Makeover program. The winner, Lynndell Drzewiecki of nearby Cedar, had been living in a small two-story home that was being heated by a wood stove. The home’s older furnace had stopped working two and one-half years ago and needed replacing. On top of that, Drzewiecki’s daughter is allergic to wood heat and suffers throughout the entire heating season.

Drzewiecki, a single mom who has raised three daughters, could not afford to replace the old furnace on her income. Her sister, Lori McPherson, said on her nominating form, that Drzewiecki “has always taken seconds in order for her girls to come first. She has always encouraged her girls in very difficult times to continue and pursue their education, while selflessly giving her best to provide a safe, clean, very modest home for them to share.”

The Roes were touched by the story and chose Drzewiecki over 50 other nominees. Bob, along with a two-person crew, installed the same type of equipment as they had the previous year, thanks to the generosity of Trane.

“We are excited to be able to do this and we are so grateful to Trane for standing behind us with such quality equipment,” Leslie said. “We were excited to once again give back to our community in such a tangible way when the need is so tremendous.”

Like the previous year, one local television station showed up to film the installation, providing a news story giving Precision added exposure and positive press.

Publication date:04/06/2009