The Parkguard S/T Wireless system senses carbon monoxide (CO) gas and controls facility ventilation systems. The system is designed for vehicular structures including parking garages, loading docks, vehicle maintenance facilities, and warehouses. It includes a controller with additional CO sensor/transmitter, wireless relay, and remote LED system display modules. It is capable of receiving wireless input from up to 256 electrochemical-type CO, oxygen depletion, or nitrogen dioxide sensors, configurable in up to 32 zones. Three-wire analog and four-wire RS-485 digital bus inputs are also included. Wireless remote relay modules can be located alongside the fans and dampers to be controlled, eliminating extensive power and/or signal wiring runs from the centrally located controller. Report functionality enables building managers to track and record historical activity and alarm events. Information such as gas type, sensor range, initial calibration data, and required calibration frequency are combined with last calibration dates and results to produce detailed reports on sensor function, future calibration dates, as well as sensor replacement information.

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