The ATC1 and ATC1R pipe-clamp thermocouples stabilize in under 30 seconds and plugs into any K-type thermocouple jack. The design gives field service technicians fast, hands-free pipe temperature measurement on a wider range of pipe sizes. The self-indexing jaws automatically force the pipe into position for maximum thermal contact. The snub-nose grabs pipes that are close to a wall. The sensor’s large surface area and increased clamping force deliver an accuracy of ±1°F after field calibration. The wire lead is over 4 feet long, making it easier to test in hard-to-reach places. The clamp easily and accurately measures liquid or suction line temperatures for superheat and subcooling calculations for a/c (ATC1) and refrigeration (ATC1R) applications. The ATC1 jaw fits refrigerant lines from 3/8 –1-3/8 inches, whereas the ATC1R fits 1/8 - to 3/4 -inch pipes.

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